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They conclude that cold stress and the inability to acclimate to decreasing temperatures, rather than starvation, are key factors in winter mortality.
Make sure the installers allow enough time for the carpet to acclimate and insist that they actually stretch it with a power stretcher during installation.
* Acclimate your athletes to the summer's heat gradually.
The integration of imaging will allow users to acclimate themselves to the use of electronic media and wean them from reliance on paper documents, according to the company.
Blogging, says PR practitioner Mike Manuel, helped "to psychologically acclimate people to publishing content online, which has in turn really primed the pumps for wikis." Manuel works for Voce Communications, a Palo Alto, California, firm that represents JotSpot, one of the earliest commercial versions of wiki.
The Acclimate self-adjusting multicriteria sensor, the HARSH for dusty and dirty environments, and the VIEW laser detector for extreme sensitivity allow users to choose the best detection level for their environment.
(It matters, too, that the piece sits at chest height; we can't really look down on the enterprise but rather are encouraged to enter into it, to look through it.) The absence of people serves not only to aid projection but also to highlight a particular melancholia in the blunt signs of mankind in the environment--the makeshift systems we've invented to acclimate ourselves to the world.
District Court for the District of Maryland, CareFirst said in a statement that "all parties agreed to defer any further action for 60 days" to allow new Delaware Insurance Commmissioner Matt Denn "to acclimate himself to the issues and confer" with Maryland Insurance Commissioner Alfred W.
That relationship continued to grow when Freedom Village residents began to volunteer as "puppy huggers." While obviously not a difficult job, puppy hugging is vital to acclimate the puppies to all types of people and situations that they might encounter in their future jobs as guide does.
This means that the typical college or university can continually expect to be working to acclimate a new president, helping to ease the transition of an outgoing president, or preparing for a presidential search.
Highly recommended reading, especially for families who need to acclimate young children to the unfortunate reality of having to move.
This year's study compared findings from the two study groups to determine if people from moderate altitudes acclimate faster or better to the alpine environment than people from sea level.