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Larvae acclimated to a given temperature will spend longer periods hidden, be faster to reach the substrate, and have a lower level of stress.
The Minority Transition Program connects new minority hires with a peer mentor, who helps the new hire get acclimated to the firm; a higher-level employee, who helps the new hire with career development; and a firm partner, who assists in the new hire's professional progress and helps to ensure opportunities are available to work on high-profile projects and clients.
He describes how postwar Germans cautiously acclimated themselves to growing abundance.
Initial chapters get kids acclimated to the idea of observing the weather and keeping weather logs.
The buddy typically has three to five years of experience and functions as a big brother or big sister to help the new staffer become acclimated.
As I become acclimated to the airline industry at this critical time in history, the challenges involved continue to sharpen my executive and financial skills as I become more of a strategic partner in decision-making.
Physicians are acclimated to managing in very narrow corridors of expertise, which enables them to function fairly autonomously from other physicians and non-clinical cohorts.
Performance starts to be affected at about 1,000 meters altitude; the effect is not linear and the drop in performance is quite different for acclimated versus unacclimated individuals.
But it does take some getting acclimated to, particularly if you wear earrings.
I had to requalify on sword manual and joint facing movements to get acclimated to the job requirements," the former P-3 Orion tactical coordinator said.
Initially, many look remarkably similar; but once acclimated to the subtleties of Martin's methods, you see how satisfyingly varied this group actually is.