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The warm temperature acclimation protein Wap65 as an immune response gene: its duplicates are differentially regulated by temperature and bacterial infections.
Five organisms, randomly chosen and, within the same weight range, were introduced to the gradient at the virtual segment where the water temperature was the same as acclimation temperature.
These observations were also detected by Widdows and Bayne (1971), who observed an increase in circulating glucose mMytiliis edulis Linnaeus, 1758 (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) during the second week of acclimation under laboratory conditions.
So COR15 are necessary for plant to attain full freezing tolerance during cold acclimation.
Garrett and colleagues (2009; 2012; 2014) have conducted several short-term (five consecutive days) heat acclimation studies in recent years and demonstrated beneficial performance and physiological heat adaptations.
Freezing tolerance assays were conducted on leaves of 17 individual plants of each population (Manitoba, Kansas and Texas) and 17 Manitoba x Texas FI hybrids for each temperature-acclimadon treatment (see below) for a total of 272 leaf samples (4 populations/Flhybrids x 17 individual plants x 2 acclimation treatments x 2 temperatures).
The success of any CPAP acclimation program for children may be dependent upon the thorough education of both the parent and, if appropriate, the child.
The 16-wk swimming program to which the animals submitted comprised two phases: progressive acclimation and maintenance (Figure 2A and 2B).
A week or two of moderate physical activity in the heat--say, jogging 30 to 45 minutes a day--can jumpstart heat acclimation.
The MPI is intended to enhance the traditional undergraduate pre-med experience by providing guidance and tutoring to SUU's growing base of international students seeking medical degrees, engaging them in cultural immersion programs and helping to improve their communication skills and cultural acclimation.
Construct Carlton acclimation facility, Grant County; apparent low bidder was Strider Construction Co.