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Next day placed in the chamber correspondent to its acclimation temperature.
To determine the C[T.sub.max], five specimens for each acclimation temperature selected and placed in a 60 L glass aquarium, equipped with a 1000 W heater and constant aeration.
For every C[T.sub.min] determination, 15 specimens were used (n = 75) from each acclimation temperature (20, 23, 26, 29 and 32[degrees]C).
According to the data presented here, the training protocols did not have any additional effects on systolic or diastolic pressure (which is understandable, as the rats used in the present study were normotensive), confirming the efficiency of acclimation to progressively greater loads.
Even though low- and moderate-intensity workloads were used, they were used over 8 wks without progressive acclimation, with sessions 120 min in duration, and up to 2 timesd-1, characterizing an exhaustive effort.
The success of this protocol is found in its progressive acclimation period, in which animals are acclimated to increasingly greater swimming loads and volumes in such a manner as to guarantee that they can be trained without significant muscle damage, fatigue, or mortality.
To examine the effects of acclimation to temperature, B.
The effects of acclimation and acclimatization on the heat-shock response differed between the two populations of B.
In the absence of a seasonal acclimation, giant axon action potentials would travel much faster in August than in May.
Temperature acclimation of the functional parameters of the giant nerve fibers in Lumbricus terrestris: I.
Determination of respiratory thermal acclimation was analyzed using analysis of variance with repeated measures where block, growth temperature, light, and fertilization main effects and interactions were treated as fixed effects.
Accurately accounting for thermal acclimation in carbon cycle models can have a profound effect on annual respiration estimates [34, 35, 36].