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The MI and HI groups at maximum load (5% and 15%, respectively) reached the maximum volume of swimming (60 min) at the end of the progressive acclimation period (Week 8) and sustained that load and volume until the end of the maintenance period (Week 9; Figure 3).
According to the data presented here, the training protocols did not have any additional effects on systolic or diastolic pressure (which is understandable, as the rats used in the present study were normotensive), confirming the efficiency of acclimation to progressively greater loads.
To examine the effects of acclimation to temperature, B.
The effects of acclimation and acclimatization on the heat-shock response differed between the two populations of B.
The squid giant axon, long a model for understanding the basic physiology of voltage-dependent ion channels, is, for a variety of reasons, an excellent system for examining temperature-dependent acclimation of the action potential.