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5] Over time, the combination of hypoxia and hyperventilation-induced respiratory alkalosis triggers a cascade of physiological effects, leading to acclimatisation.
One year later the Acclimatisation Society of Victoria (hereafter referred to as the Acclimatisation Society) created a committee to assess the financial value of native fish, concluding that native fish were commercially valuable and in decline.
I would rather suggest that there is an acclimatisation process or period before they start work.
Some of the mechanisms of altitude acclimatisation include increase in erythropoiesis, red blood cell (RBC) mass, blood Hb concentration and V[O.
He also realised that climbers needed three to four litres of water daily to avoid dehydration--a policy taken for granted today and equally important for those climbing with or without oxygen--and devised the expedition's acclimatisation regime.
The squad, led by coach Jorge Martin MuEaAoz, will then return to Dubai on the first week of June after which they will travel to Sri Lanka for a short acclimatisation stint as part of the build-up for their Asia-Oceania Group III tie that is scheduled to start in Colombo on June 15.
Swann and England's three other firstchoice bowlers were joined in Brisbane yesterday by the remainder of the squad - fresh from beating Australia A in Hobart - having skipped the tourists' final warmup match in favour of early acclimatisation.
After the completion of first phase of acclimatization, the influent COD concentration was increased from 1000 mg/l to 2000 mg/l in stepwise manner keeping influent PCE concentration constant at 50 mg/l for the second phase of acclimatisation of biomass to influent COD concentration of 2000 mg/l.
The male and female beaver were caught in the wild in Norway and spent six months in quarantine in England before being transported to the Highland Wildlife Park near Kingussie for acclimatisation to the Scottish weather.
Brawn, who was technical director at Ferrari during Schumacher's glory years with the Italian giants, however, conceded the German would need a period of acclimatisation.
After doctors give Ben the all-clear, the trio make the final preparations for the race and head to Antarctica for a 10-day acclimatisation trek.