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The squad, led by coach Jorge Martin MuEaAoz, will then return to Dubai on the first week of June after which they will travel to Sri Lanka for a short acclimatisation stint as part of the build-up for their Asia-Oceania Group III tie that is scheduled to start in Colombo on June 15.
The manoeuvre was formulated several weeks ago when England first concluded extra acclimatisation time for the bowlers before the first Test in sub-tropical Brisbane might be preferable to more overs, or even wickets, in conditions alien to what can be expected in Queensland.
This will be the final week in our acclimatisation programme being run by the team at the University of Glamorgan.
Ramiz further highlighted that Pakistan have been able to put on extraordinary performance in the tournament, and said: Adjustment, adaptability and acclimatisation are the three key points when you play outside home and in all these three areas akistan team has done well.
LA PAZ: Acclimatisation is essential to play in cities at high altitude, Brazil coach Dunga said after his side lost Sunday s World Cup qualifier 2-1 to Bolivia.
00pm) James Cracknell, Ed Coats and Ben Fogle make the final preparations for the race before heading to Antarctica for a 10-day acclimatisation trek.
Those players have since been training with special oxygen-limiting masks to ensure they do not lose the acclimatisation earned in those first two weeks.
Branimar and I will share an apartment and his presence will help make the acclimatisation period in Edinburgh easier for us both.
Then, Down's efforts to get an acclimatisation session at Croke Park last Monday night were thwarted because of maintenance work.
Having been selected for his first England one-day squad - which landed yesterday in Namibia for a week of acclimatisation before their controversial five-match series in Zimbabwe - Jones is keen to increase his role and gain the experience necessary to become a regular at international level.
After an initial period of acclimatisation, the audience submitted to the magic, this being some of the quietest music they'll hear all year.
Mr Quigley said that four divers would be visiting the Lusitania over a period of a week after making an initial acclimatisation dive on August 4 to the wreck of a U-boat in shallower water off Union Hall.