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The Glasgow University boffin said: "Willie has gone out to Mexico a week early to acclimatise.
You can't acclimatise to those sort of conditions and that sort of heat in just a day or two.
He explained that it takes babies about six hours to acclimatise and that giving them a bath so soon changes their body temperature.
USA], Sep 02 ( ANI ): With water getting warmer, carbon dioxide level rising and bleaching events becoming more frequent, a team of Australian researchers has issued advice that more research is urgently required to determine whether corals can acclimatise and adapt to the rapid pace of climate change.
Which English city has been chosen as the base of China's athletes to acclimatise ahead of the London 2012 Olympics?
And now he feels ready to contend again after flying out to America on Saturday to acclimatise to the heat.
Once you've bought your hardboard, brush its rough side with water and leave the boards in the room where you'll be laying them for at least a day to acclimatise.
Different types of solid wood flooring have varying procedures and your supplier will inform you of how best to acclimatise your flooring.
We arrived a few days ago and it makes such a difference arriving a bit early because we have had a chance to acclimatise.
That is possibly down to taking time to acclimatise to racing in Dubai and now, stepped up to 2m, there is every chance he can put up an improved show in what looks a modest event.
A THE trick is to give yourself a day or two to acclimatise to the altitude.
This will allow the muscles to acclimatise to the work you are about to ask them to do and help to prevent any injuries.