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Acclimatise is a UK-based climate change advisory and analytics company that specialises in climate change adaptation and resilience building.
Business Minister Edwina Hart said: "I would like to congratulate Acclimatise on achieving this excellent, well-deserved award for this unique product - designed and made in Wales.
The Glasgow University boffin said: "Willie has gone out to Mexico a week early to acclimatise.
Schools will have to make some adjustment for this and give children more time to acclimatise to the new, more serious regime - which means even more time will be lost.
A THE trick is to give yourself a day or two to acclimatise to the altitude.
However, he won't insist on taking the squad to acclimatise before the Saturday match.
Just as our bodies are unable to adapt to a permanent surplus of calories and the invention of the automobile, so our minds are unable to acclimatise to the peculiar stresses of high-density urban living.
The ex-French performer took time to acclimatise on this side of the Channel, running disappointingly last season for his new stable.
When you reach early, you have time to acclimatise with conditions, and also get used to the kind of bounce you normally don't encounter in Asian conditions."
Just like mountaineers have to acclimatise themselves before starting their climb, babies also need to acclimatise to the environment after birth,' he said.
The team trained with the Wakefield Triathlon Club at Pugney's County Park to acclimatise to cold water swimming.
Which English city has been chosen as the base of China's athletes to acclimatise ahead of the London 2012 Olympics?