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We also made Willie walk about the house in a face mask to acclimatise to the conditions.
John Firth, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, climate change adaptation specialists Acclimatise said: "The successful electricity companies of the future will be those that act now upon the clear signals that climate change is underway.
You can't acclimatise to those sort of conditions and that sort of heat in just a day or two.
Preparation is vital and coming out early can help me acclimatise.
TROPICAL fish that have spent 10 years in a nightclub aquarium are being played dance music in their quiet new home to acclimatise.
That is possibly down to taking time to acclimatise to racing in Dubai and now, stepped up to 2m, there is every chance he can put up an improved show in what looks a modest event.
This will allow the muscles to acclimatise to the work you are about to ask them to do and help to prevent any injuries.
What an incredibly arrogant response, why should we have to acclimatise to sitting in more needless traffic queues, getting to work late, etc?
Swiss world number one Roger Federer has entered this event as he seeks to acclimatise to the clay ahead of next month's French Open at Roland Garros and is in need of a morale boost following a disappointing year to date in which he hasn't reached the final of any tournament so far.
This contribution will enable athletes to acclimatise prior to the Games.
Work to the site, due to open a few weeks later, was disrupted for a week while a new home was built for this member of the protected species and RSPCA officers tried to acclimatise him with a variety of contraptions.
Button told Revved Up: "It is so important to acclimatise for a race like Malaysia because it is so hot inside the car.