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You just learn to cope with sweating constantly rather than becoming acclimatised.
With palates becoming more acclimatised to heat, the Hot & Spicy range allows consumers to spice up suppertime and create the restaurant experience at home," says Patak's marketing controller Nic Yates.
It is mainly unfinished boards that must be acclimatised and, when underfloor heating is being installed, all types of wooden flooring must be acclimatised with the heating on for a few days prior to fitting.
Expert Kerry Perkins said: "We thought they should be acclimatised gradually.
I can only go to the board and give them my opinion on what I think should happen and in both cases the players have acclimatised.
The problems that Coventry council has created with the implementation of bus lanes at this junction are addressed by Mr Richards with the mind-numbing idea of coning off the bus lane until "general motorists have acclimatised themselves to the new arrangements".
Last season we had the test session and a couple of weeks off so we were able to go to a hot country and train to get acclimatised.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: Yes, but make sure they are gradually acclimatised before planting them out.
He said: OSheOs acclimatised well and has been training well.
English football is a lot different to the French game but he has acclimatised to it now and he understands the need to work hard.
Wales lost their first game convincingly, but once acclimatised to the rules and format they narrowly lost the next two games.
Society has become so acclimatised to it that when a few complain about pornography they are seen as old-fashioned, out of step or fuddy-duddies.