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Mumbai [India], Jan 24 ( ANI ): Indian women cricket team captain Mithali Raj on Tuesday stated that it was important for the team to get acclimatised to foreign conditions and said that it was beneficial for the team ahead of their tough tour of South Africa.
You just learn to cope with sweating constantly rather than becoming acclimatised.
We definitely want our bowling attack to be as acclimatised as possible to Brisbane.
However, most engineered and pre-finished solid wood flooring does not require to be acclimatised and can be laid directly from the pack.
Expert Kerry Perkins said: "We thought they should be acclimatised gradually.
I can only go to the board and give them my opinion on what I think should happen and in both cases the players have acclimatised.
The problems that Coventry council has created with the implementation of bus lanes at this junction are addressed by Mr Richards with the mind-numbing idea of coning off the bus lane until "general motorists have acclimatised themselves to the new arrangements".
A The moment that you will be acclimatised, you will have bright future ahead of you in other companies.
Last season we had the test session and a couple of weeks off so we were able to go to a hot country and train to get acclimatised.
AUSTRALIA Tungsten Strike has acclimatised to life in Australia ahead of the Melbourne Cup on November 6.