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He and the other guys out there are acclimatising earlier than us and have been doing some good work.
Then he learned that a request to hold an acclimatising training session at the ground was turned down.
Training has been going well - it's just a case of acclimatising and getting used to the conditions here.
Hamilton added: "Apparently not acclimatising is much harder than adapting, because your body naturally wants to change.
The arrangement does not interfere with Brian Meehan's routine as the event horses exercise between 1pm and 4pm, with the idea of acclimatising them to the heat of Hong Kong, where the competition is being staged.
A dedicated practiser, he knew the necessity of acclimatising to different batting surfaces before the serious business started.
Button wants to be on the podium in Kuala Lumpur and that has meant putting every effort into acclimatising and leaving no excuse for the way he has prepared.