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This study aims to characterize and compare different substrates in the acclimatization of seedlings of Hippeastrum reticulatum var.
The remaining 25 records were reviewed to assess workers' personal risk factors, heat acclimatization status, workload, and clothing.
(45) By applying a child-centered standard, the Court correctly relegated parental intent to a subordinate role in its analysis (46) Rather than focusing on the parents, the Court's reasoning focused on factors indicating O.N.C.'s acclimatization in the United States.
This consensus statement and other reports recommended "several days of acclimatization" for competitions held at low altitude (above 500- 2000m), and IHE for acclimatization was not recommended (2,12).
Although multicity studies showed some evidence of possible adaptation or acclimatization to the local climate--hotter cities often did not experience as much of an increase in heat-related mortality over cooler cities as might have been expected from the difference in temperature (Curriero et al.
The base camp is also serving as acclimatization camp as the climbers do trekking daily to get familiar with the conditions, he added.
The climate and vegetation in North Kazakhstan differ from Canada's; therefore, at the first stage, it is important to study acclimatization of imported purebred animals and at the second stage, adaptation of animals of own reproduction, that is, those that are born and bred in the natural biotope of Akmolinsk region of Kazakhstan.
One intervention that has helped stabilize these decreases in performance under pressure is acclimatization (also known as self-consciousness, or simulation training).
After in vitro propagation, different systems are used in plantlet acclimatization (Deb and Imchen, 2010), a critical micropropagation phase which represents a limiting factor for its success (Chandra et al., 2010).
Plants grown in vitro undergo various anatomical and physiological phenotypic changes during propagation and require an acclimatization period (ARIGITA et al., 2002; KUBOTA; KOZAI, 1992; RODRIGUES et al., 2012; SANTANA et al., 2011a).
The week-long training covered customer relations, positive thinking, shunning negativism, learning time management techniques, arrangement of work priorities, initiative, accountability, workload and pressure in the workplace, success and acclimatization, self-confidence, cooperation and team work.
Osborne, 'A Collaborative Dimension of the European Empires: Australian and French Acclimatization Societies and Intercolonial Scientific Co-Operation', in S.G.