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Those who were appointed for Zeila embarked in a vessel that was going to Caxume, where they were well received by the king, and accommodated with a ship to carry them to Zeila; they were there treated by the check with the same civility which they had met with at Caxume.
Almost all children accommodated in orphanages in Bulgaria have parents, according to data of the National Statistics Institute, NSI, released Friday.
Operating in space that has not accommodated these changes forced many practices to adopt awkward and inefficient patient intake, flow and coordination processes.
They tend to deal with them within their department versus the larger system and may be accommodated due to the philosophy of the existing leadership of a department or college rather than the overall campus administration.
Physical limitations preventing direct selection on the keyboard are accommodated with alternative indirect approaches.
This report describes trends related to accommodations in testing for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and summarizes the performance of accommodated LSAT takers for the 1993-1994 through 1997-1998 testing years.