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He lavished praise on the Dutch striker's header, forgetting to mention the fact the ball was directed straight at the keeper, who opened his legs accommodatingly to provide passage to the net.
He thanked me in accommodatingly simple Uzbek, then lit the first of many cigarettes.
Furniture is positioned accommodatingly, creating diagonals that draw us into each scene, while windows carry us outside to a groomed yard in Jill and Polly in Bathroom, or up against a brick wall in Manhattan in The Son, both 1987.
Schmidt accommodatingly omits this material because he has narrowly defined death cults as related only to the beneficent power of the deceased.
A world awash in globally extensive flows of information, a world that might seem hostile to any kind of boundary-enforcing cultural constructs, actually sets the stage for an endless succession of communal self-definitions imposed upon an indeterminate, accommodatingly pliant reality, even if these definitions are subject to an unprecedented degree of mutability.
In so doing, one can reduce the likelihood of accepting half-truths or churning out empirical work that does little more than accommodatingly confirm conventional wisdom.
DOE office for rubber-stamp approval, after which the DOE accommodatingly wrote a check.
We have moved accommodatingly closer to theirs as our God has become smaller and our fears of the world larger (a faithful Evangelical Christian in Beaumont, California)
Somehow, keeping the books boxed up kept him at a comfortable distance, like stuffed-away photographs, not forgotten, just accommodatingly absent.
Three days is all it took for him to routinely trip the press before removing his finger, and the press had accommodatingly removed it for him.
Even a simple mushroom omelette, though not on the menu, was placed accommodatingly before me within minutes.
Well, I suppose it doesn't matter," I said accommodatingly.