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Particularly noteworthy are Vinacke's findings when he examines the behavior of both sexes at different ages and finds that, while girls "at all three age levels [7-8 years, 14-16 years, 18-22 years] display the characteristics of accommodative strategy," boys "appear to change drastically from behavior quite similar to that of the girls to the contrasting strategy which we have called exploitative'" ("Age" 1229).
Accommodative response functions were obtained while observers fixated on newsprint under bright and dim conditions.
An analysis of the survey results indicated that teachers found most of the accommodative strategies reasonable but seldom used the strategies.
The question that investors and advisors need to be asking is what the impact will be on longer-term US Treasuries yields and US Government bond yields when the Federal Reserve begins exiting their accommodative stance by selling their balance sheet to the market.
Clinical management of esophoria and accommodative lag with bifocal or multifocal spectacle lenses is well understood.
For the Fed, forward guidance is meant to help set public expectations about how long the accommodative policy stance will last as economic conditions improve.
Based on human and, to a lesser extent, nonhuman primate studies, Figure 1 presents a brief summary of the neural pathway of the blur-driven aspect of the accommodative system.
With the benefit of hindsight, it appears that global monetary policy has been too accommodative for too long.
Many observers think that the Peoples Bank of China is being accommodative by holding the one-year loan rate at 5.
Monetary policies in the industrialized countries remain unusually accommodative despite real global GDP growth in 2004 that we expect to be the second highest of the past ten years.
The study found a significant link between the time children spent at the computer and the extent of accommodative lag - where the eyes have to work hard to refocus when reading.
The action was taken to cushion the effects on prospective economic growth in the United States of increasing weakness in foreign economies and of less accommodative financial conditions domestically,'' said a Federal Reserve statement accompanying the rate cut.