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Lagarde, however, pushed hard for continued accommodative policies.
"We will maintain an accommodative monetary policy stance while closely monitoring the effect of any rate cut and possible economic recovery."
Groups of 'poor' readers have been found to show reduced amplitudes of accommodation, (1,4,5) reduced accommodative facility, (4,5) reduced vergence amplitudes (1,5) and reduced near point of convergence, (4) and have poorer saccadic eye movements, (6,7) compared to control groups.
"It does seem to potentially indicate they believe monetary policy is becoming less accommodative and getting more towards that neutral rate."
By 2020, growth is expected to gradually moderate to 3 percent due to less supportive external conditions, intensifying capacity constraints, and less accommodative fiscal and monetary policy in commodity importers," the report said.
Meanwhile, he said Bank Negara Malaysia's (BNM) assurance over keeping interest rates accommodative would bring further stability to sentiment on Bursa Malaysia.
Moody's said 'credit conditions in Asia will be stable in 2018, shaped by broad-based economic growth in the region and globally, a supportive trade environment and broadly accommodative monetary policy.'
However, larger effects have been found in children with poor accommodative response and esophoria at near [23, 24], but still only borderline clinically meaningful.
Ocular statuses, including accommodative response, accommodative microfluctuation, accommodative facility, positive and negative relative accommodation, gradient accommodative convergence/accommodation (AC/A), distant and near phoria, and positive and negative fusional vergence, were measured.
Reserve Bank of India ( RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan left the repo rate untouched at 6.75 per cent saying the Central bank would stay " accommodative", but would look forward to the Budget.
Objective: To determine the prognostic factors affecting stereoacuity in patients with refractive accommodative esotropia (RAE) according to the results of long follow- up period.
Raghuram Rajan said the central bank adopted an accommodative policy stance since January, ensuring comfortable liquidity in the system.