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Gholizadeh and Ahqar [7] stated that the students with the diverger learning styles had significantly higher selfefficacy ratio than the students' with the converger, assimilator, and accommodator learning styles.
More recent studies indicate Diverger or Accommodator as the predominant styles among nursing students (Cavanagh, Hogan, & Ramgopal, 1995; Hauer, Straub, & Wolf, 2005; Rawaf, 2007; Suliman, 2010; Yoder, 1994).
He said: "I have recently received a letter from the Home Secretary David Blunkett saying two major contracts for private sector provision of places, Rose Lodge and Accommodator, are being ended.
2 million sales price channeled to an accommodator so he could carry out 1031 exchanges with it, according to the sales deed.
Kolb described four types of learning styles: diverger, assimilator, converger, and accommodator.
Here was the view, dominant at the Federal Reserve Board in the early 1920s, of the Fed as passive accommodator rather than active initiator of changes in economic activity.
One student reflected on collaboration saying, "I had to balance being an accommodator, compromiser, and collaborator.
Drawing on established negotiation and conflict management theory, he identifies the five personal styles: (1) the avoider, (2) the compromiser, (3) the accommodator, (4) the competitor, and (5) the problem solver.
Clinton's relationship with Tyson Foods and many other powerful business interests in Arkansas has been well-documented, and if there is one thing we have learned from the continuing Whitewater affair, like other successful statewide politicians in Arkansas, Governor Clinton was an accommodator of the largest, monied interests in the state," says Lewis.
RPM), an accommodator for tax-deferred commercial exchanges, in 45 percent cash and 55 percent stock transaction totalling USD25m.
Clab learning theory is based on the experimental learning theory including four convergent, divergent, assimilator and accommodator aspects.
10) At the same time, the SMLLC provides the accommodator (the SMLLC's sole owner) with liability protection tinder state law.