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She also spent time with other ecumenical accompaniers (EAs) in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron experiencing the difficulties Palestinians have moving about the West Bank.
As the people of Israel and Palestine continue their long struggle for peace, the South African accompaniers will bring to the Middle East their experiences and their hope for a better world.
ISM and other peace groups are re-evaluating their accompaniment strategies, especially now that Israel has arrested ISM accompaniers and threatened to deport them.
By WORKING as an ecumenical accompanier in the West BANK I hope to contribute to alleviating suffering caused by the occupation and to advocate for an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by giving a voice to those who are not usually heard".
In Oregon, the University of Portland's Moreau Center Immersion Accompanier program has developed international trips--some called "plunges"--as well as programs focusing on domestic poverty and catastrophes such as the impact of Hurricane Katrina in the U.
Jesus met Dorothy Craw, from Forest Hall, North Tyneside, in Guatemala while she was an accompanier to his people around Rabinal.
Canon Dr John Aves, honorary canon of Norwich cathedral, UK, died on 25 January 2004, of a heart attack in Bethlehem where he was serving as a WCC ecumenical accompanier.
With the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, Fernando Huanacuni, Secretary Videgaray followed up the visit that the Foreign Minister of the South American nation made to Mexico at the beginning of last December, and talked about the role that both nations play as accompaniers in the process of dialogue held by the government and representatives of the opposition in Venezuela, which takes place in the Dominican Republic.
Visiting programmes of ecumenical accompaniers can be very significant tools, as has been the case in Palestine-Israel with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel.
Sayyid Zaki gave the Sudanese guest and his accompaniers a briefing on the IPA and its vital role in pushing the wheel of administrative development in the Sultanate.
The nonprofit grew to number 20 social workers, communicators, pastoral accompaniers of the afflicted and 250 volunteers.
VAR of zarrab and accompaniers at the corridors of the justice palace