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To go along with; to go with or to attend as a companion or associate.

A motor vehicle statute may require beginning drivers or drivers under a certain age to be accompanied by a licensed adult driver whenever operating an automobile. To comply with such a law, the licensed adult must supervise the beginner and be seated in such a way as to be able to render advice and assistance.


verb associate with, coexist, consort, convoy, join, keep, keep company with
See also: coincide, concur, correspond
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She accompanied Zapata during the Mexican Revolution just as she accompanies her many believers today in their everyday struggles.
The childlike directness of these earnestly painted "copies" belies their hauntingly symbolic ethos, often underscored by a text that invariably accompanies each one: a color "Translation" of a black-and-white photo taken from a 1944 University of Montana yearbook, accompanied by excerpts from Popul Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Ancient Quiche Maya; the image from an article devoted to pumpkins in a government-issue horticulture brochure that Jess found on the sidewalk, accompanied by Abbe Noel Antoine Pluche's Histoire du ciel considere selon les idees des poetes, des philosophes, et de Moise (1748); or a souvenir postcard of Sarah Winchester, the eccentric widow of the rifle tycoon, accompanied by a Gaelic incantation.
A three-man security detail now accompanies the Lakers star in public.
An Acoustiguide audio tour featuring interviews with many of the artists in Contemporary Voices including Chuck Close, Elizabeth Murray, Jenny Holzer, and others, accompanies the exhibition.
It's hard to easily categorize this slim title: hobbyists will find here highly detailed models and a fine set of tips on Red Baron modeling; but it's the military buff who will best appreciate the vintage photos and history which accompanies the models in Lee Preston's The Red Baron (8496527-336, $24.