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To go along with; to go with or to attend as a companion or associate.

A motor vehicle statute may require beginning drivers or drivers under a certain age to be accompanied by a licensed adult driver whenever operating an automobile. To comply with such a law, the licensed adult must supervise the beginner and be seated in such a way as to be able to render advice and assistance.


verb associate with, coexist, consort, convoy, join, keep, keep company with
See also: coincide, concur, correspond
References in classic literature ?
CHEVELEY, who accompanies her, is tall and rather slight.
For then the curtain of the future was as impenetrable to me as to other children: I had all their delight in the present hour, their sweet indefinite hopes for the morrow; and I had a tender mother: even now, after the dreary lapse of long years, a slight trace of sensation accompanies the remembrance of her caress as she held me on her knee--her arms round my little body, her cheek pressed on mine.
He could not have told you what warrant he had for talking about mysteries; if it had been his habit to express himself in poetic figures he might have said that in observing Madame de Cintre he seemed to see the vague circle which sometimes accompanies the partly-filled disk of the moon.
My young lady accompanies me to town, where I shall deposit her under the care of Miss Summers, in Wigmore street, till she becomes a little more reasonable.
With the shrewdness that usually accompanies malice, Amelie Thirion had noticed, analyzed, and mentally commented on the extreme preoccupation of Ginevra's mind, which prevented her from even hearing the bitterly polite war of words of which she was the object.
As to whether any moral change accompanies a physical one, I can only say that I have met no proof of the fact.
The grandmother, who is pleased that he should have that interest, accompanies him--though to do him justice, he is exceedingly unwilling to trouble her.
She was dreadfully anaemic and suffered from the dyspepsia which accompanies that ailing.
Doolittle, much troubled, accompanies her to the door; then hesitates; finally turns confidentially to Higgins.
In the house that poetic dullness and quiet reigned which always accompanies the presence of a betrothed couple.
It was succeeded by a gentle tapping sound, such as that which accompanies hair-dressing.
I must go," he said, with that peculiar look of the eyes which sometimes accompanies bitter feeling, as if they had been tired and burned with gazing too close at a light.