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To go along with; to go with or to attend as a companion or associate.

A motor vehicle statute may require beginning drivers or drivers under a certain age to be accompanied by a licensed adult driver whenever operating an automobile. To comply with such a law, the licensed adult must supervise the beginner and be seated in such a way as to be able to render advice and assistance.


verb associate with, coexist, consort, convoy, join, keep, keep company with
See also: coincide, concur, correspond
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She accompanied Zapata during the Mexican Revolution just as she accompanies her many believers today in their everyday struggles.
Sometimes she goes for slightly predictable jokes: A fridge is made to represent "C is for Cool." But there are also more intriguing montages of concept and image (a medieval castle accompanies "D is for Dream," while a public housing project with satellite dishes accompanies "H is for Home") that were probably not exactly what the creators of the poster had in mind, and in a subtle shift between 1970 and the present, "K is for Kids" is visualized by ultracontemporary, hyperactive kids lip-synching to music in a park.
Amnesia, which often accompanies cardiac arrest, may make it difficult to recall near-death sensations, and some of those who do remember them may stay quiet for fear of being ridiculed or diagnosed as mentally ill.--B.