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For those who have not yet encountered any of the HL Audio Access files, HL has designed a web-based library of all the accompaniment and diction files that had been previously offered on CD.
I do like the concept and we did have some fun in reading sessions navigating the trading of parts and contending with moving directly from solo to accompaniment and vice versa.
Many chapels and churches are without an organist and this CD aims to allow those congregations to continue singing their favourite hymns with accompaniment.
Each contributor is involved in spiritual counseling and/or accompaniment and comes, broadly speaking, from a Christian background.
Central England Ensemble Carrs Lane Church Centre The concert opened with a spirited performance of Beethoven's Overture to Coriolan, the passionate musical accompaniment to the tale of the tragic war hero Coriolan, or Coriolanus, if you prefer Shakespeare's more famous protagonist.
Dean Freeman's extensive black and white and color photos of Buble provides fine accompaniment to Buble's autobiography, with fine visual embellishment providing the perfect accompaniment to his story of how he become immersed in music and rose to fame.
Given the results of the pilot testing, the Customs Service concluded that: The use of GPS-systems for bonded transit (including the main road routes) has advantages over physical accompaniment by the Customs officers, reduces the burden on the delivery of a control group of Customs Service, expedites the movement of vehicles, monitors location of vehicles in online mode; - The use of GPS-systems can keep accurate records of time spent by the transit vehicle; - GPS-accompaniment allows analysis of all vehicle stops along the way as for rapid response during the movement of vehicles and reviewing the recordings and transcripts after the end of the carriage; - GPS-tracking allows us to simplify the procedure for monitoring the delivery of goods and vehicles.
The spreads are the ideal accompaniment to cheese platters and can also be used in baking and as a high-protein snack or bagel spread, company officials note.
Krasinski is a conductor, organist and musical educator who has provided silent-film accompaniment at screenings worldwide.
Summary: Jarvis Cocker is to play live accompaniment to yoga and aerobics classes.
The Performance of Italian Basso Continuo: Style in Keyboard Accompaniment in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.
101 Fingerlicking Good Fingerstyle Accompaniment Patterns