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First Festival Solos for Flute: 20 Easy Solos with Piano Accompaniments, with CD, composed or arranged by Larry Clark and Sean O'Loughlin.
Most of the pieces have the melody on the treble clef with an accompaniment style of basic intervals or broken chords, even though there is good use of full three note chords.
MIDI accompaniments can provide teachers and students with another way to learn and practice music.
The first piece, "Bamboo Flute" has a wonderful departure from the typical melody over a boring five-finger position accompaniment. The pedaling requirements are not too demanding and arranged such that the pianist can enjoy the rich full sound of long melody over interesting ostinato patterns.
This collection includes 10 songs students know and love, carefully graded and arranged for piano solo with great teacher accompaniments. Orchestrated accompaniments available on CD or GM Disk.
Perhaps students who learned how to make accompaniments for popular songs using your digital piano are more likely find joy in music as adults, expressing themselves via a portable keyboard.
One of the most effective tools for injecting fun and promoting progress is the large body of MIDI and audio accompaniments that have been created in recent years.
The children enjoy stimulating accompaniments while they play in class and at home.
Book 4 includes: 16th note patterns, compound meters, inversions of major, minor and diminished I, IV and V chords, hand-over-hand arpeggios, some left-handed melodic passages and more intricate accompaniments. 40 pp.
Both cases provide many good reasons to explore the wealth of MIDI accompaniments available both commercially and as free downloads on the Internet.
15 Easy Folksong Arrangements presents melodies familiar to voice teachers, with accompaniments that are supportive, challenging and delightfully surprising.
For example, most publishers of pedagogical piano materials have published MIDI file accompaniments for at least ten years.