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As well as directing the Kirklees Choir (formerly the Huddersfield U3A mixed voice choir) she is also the musical director of the Holme Valley Singers and deputy conductor of Marsh Ladies Choir for whom she is their resident accompanist.
This may require the accompanist to jump fluidly from voice part to voice part.
The accompanist of the opera class was responsible for handing out and collecting the questionnaires.
Dr Gower said Mr Stubbs' musical expertise was in great demand, and he had worked regularly as an accompanist and musical director.
Harris' accompanists included Paul Beaudry on bass, Alan Grubner on violin and Dan Kaufman on keyboard.
Anybody interested in the position of accompanist, which attracts a small honorarium, or would like to join the choir, should contact musical director Margaret Pringle on 01642 363502.
In 1941 Rittmann became a concert accompanist for choreographer Agnes de Mille, who invited her to be dance arranger for the 1943 Broadway musical "One Touch of Venus," choreographed by de Mille and composed by Kurt Weill.
The final lecture, "Britten and the English Landscape," brings the reader back to Britten at home in England and offers a fascinating description of the composer's work with baritone Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau when they collaborated as singer and accompanist for a recording of Songs and Proverbs of William Blake, op.
Still, Berberova is clearly playing with more here than initially meets the eye, because while the tricky triad of emotions include jealousy as well as rage, what makes The Accompanist such a captivating read is that the passion play isn't necessarily the "real" story at all.
This is all the more surprising given that the basic ingredients for An Uncertain Hour are really quite wonderful@ in addition to the dancers (Rob Besserer, Gary Chryst, Sabine Kupferberg, and Martine Van Hamel), each of whom has a mesmerizing stage presence, there are two elegant onstage singers and a piano accompanist.
Leading soprano Jessica Leary and her accompanist, pianist Michal Gajzler, will be the guests of Lockerbie Music Society for the third concert of the season.