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To go along with; to go with or to attend as a companion or associate.

A motor vehicle statute may require beginning drivers or drivers under a certain age to be accompanied by a licensed adult driver whenever operating an automobile. To comply with such a law, the licensed adult must supervise the beginner and be seated in such a way as to be able to render advice and assistance.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Based on our experience, we suggest the following dimensions to capture the special nature (added value and success factors) of projects accompanying research programs:
The delegation accompanying Nijaifi includes the Minister of Finance, Rafi' al-Essawi, and Minister of Agriculture, Izeldeen al-Doula.
The Chairman of the Turkish Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, Murat Mercan, and members of Mercan's committee will have a working meal with Iwinski and the accompanying delegation.
Their interestingly varied choices have included "Contemporary Music," "The Interrelationship between French Literature and Music in the 20th Century" "Baroque Performance Practice," "Higher Education Administration," "Pedagogy of Accompanying," "Canadian Art Song," "Arts Outreach and Education" and "German Romanticism: Music, Literature, and Culture." Uniquely, Eastman also permits highly qualified students to have a double major at the doctoral level, although the prospective applicant must be accepted by both departments and the rigorousness of the coursework obviously suggests that only a few are allowed to pursue their dual interests in a formal way.
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In contrast, if acidosis is due to the presence of inorganic acids where the accompanying anion is not permeable to cells, such as hydrochloric, phosphoric, or sulfuric acids, hydrogen ions move into the cells alone and potassium subsequently moves out of the cells.
Three additional persons (patients J, K, and Q) had been accompanying patients on the ward; symptoms of SARS developed in these three persons in the period April 12 18.
The display and its accompanying software enable presenters to run and annotate computer applications or digital video right on the plasma screen using a supplied pen or any form of non-electronic stylus, such a linger.
Thank you for your timely cover stories on Korea and the accompanying feature articles -- "Beating the Odds at Inchon" and General Douglas MacArthur's "Duty, Honor, Country" speech (THE NEW AMERICAN, February 24th).
"The pretext given at the time was that it was a secure area and that there was no room for an attorney." Miotki says immigration had never before prevented him from accompanying a client.
The number of delegates--plus an additional 300 accompanying spouses and guests--created a total attendance that was the highest since the BIR was restructured in 1995.

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