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This insight appears to incorporate the Holy Spirit: the God for life is advocate for peace and accomplisher of God's cosmic reign.
Outstanding accomplishers and faculty members were given University souvenirs on the day.
Table 3 presents the proportion of successful accomplishers for each task out of the total of 11 tasks of the Battery.
At the end of the experience, Kenderick lost 36 pounds and April, a 13-year-old from Pennsylvania accomplishers her goal of becoming more active and participating on a school athletic team.
Based on data collected from marathon runners with varying levels of experience, a multivariate cluster analysis identified five distinct motivational profiles including: Running Enthusiasts, Lifestyle Managers, Personal Goal Achievers, Personal Accomplishers, and Competitive Achievers.
There must come a point, perhaps not long in the future, when the inspirators and accomplishers of the European journey must cease at their labours and say: 'It is over, we are there, we have arrived at the end we set out to achieve.
Shakhsheer honors accomplishers * Yarmouk Baq'a Club's Honorary President Najati Al-Shakhsheer patronized the Club's ceremony to honor star performers and creative accomplishers in the communal, sporting, cultural and informational fields in the Moab Hall at the Regency Palace Hotel.