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This stress on being advocate and accomplisher does not mean that there is no innovation in the God for life.
When choosing solutions based on the increase in error sum of squares and the interpretability of the solutions, all three samples (the two halves and whole sample) yielded five cluster solutions with the clusters labeled Running Enthusiasts, Lifestyle Managers, Personal Goal Achievers, Personal Accomplishers, and Competitive Achievers (see Figure I).
Lifestyle Managers and Personal Accomplishers did not differ on the Affiliation scale.
Similarly, there were no differences in the proportion of men (women) among Personal goal Achievers, Personal Accomplishers, and Competitive Achievers.
Running Enthusiasts, Lifestyle Managers, and Personal Accomplishers.
Cluster #4 we labeled the Personal Accomplishers arid they accounted for 28% of the sample.
25% female - when the proportion of women in the sample was 18%) while Personal Goal Achievers, Personal Accomplishers, and Competitive Achievers were disproportionately male (ca.
Further supporting this is the finding that 53% ofthe sample was classified as either Lifestyle Managers or Personal Accomplishers.
For example, we hypothesize that the lifestyle Managers may experience more psychological and emotional difficulty than do the Personal Accomplishers.