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In developing fitness programs, agencies should stress the idea of accomplishing each officer's personal best, not competing against others who are younger or have greater athletic abilities.
The administration of your staff is critical to accomplishing your mission, and therefore a critical part of your job.
Choice of specific methods for accomplishing "credentialing" and developing and using performance data.
In their true-life crusades for change, she is in the company of women accomplishing far more than television's real housewives of the O.
I'm not going to let that stop me from accomplishing what I want to accomplish,'' Catlin said.
We recognize that providing secure, robust, and reliable classified and unclassified systems is critical to accomplishing the command's mission," said Mike Solley, President.
We are very excited to have the opportunity to provide our skilled HSI workforce and to integrate the workforce of all the other ship repair contractors in Hawaii to support the BIW/SWM Team in accomplishing the USS CHAFEE PSA," commented Bill Clifford, president of Honolulu Shipyard.
If successful in this litigation, TTGL intends to dictate to the existing marketplace a new paradigm for accomplishing the work of translation.
Each board member contributes actively to accomplishing the industry's strategic goals, the most important being the enhancement of the public's trust and confidence in capital markets," said Richard Thornburgh, 2004 chairman of SIA's board and Chief Risk Officer, Credit Suisse Group.
Gordon said that "very few things worth accomplishing are ever accomplished quickly or easily.
The company is accomplishing this by maintaining a dynamic team of professionals who are dedicated to partnership with customers and devoted to quality improvement.
While accomplishing these impressive results, Q Comm noted that it's rapidly approaching other significant milestones, and points to surging industry growth and increasing demand for its proprietary prepaid wireless point-of-sale activation solutions, as some of the reasons for its past and expected future success.