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* Choice of specific methods for accomplishing "credentialing" and developing and using performance data.
In developing fitness programs, agencies should stress the idea of accomplishing each officer's personal best, not competing against others who are younger or have greater athletic abilities.
This style underscored the fact that a partnership truly existed in the team's accomplishing the nursing home's mission.
The eleven-year-olds wanted to explore painting styles, expressing a desire to find something that was interesting, and persisted in the challenge of accomplishing the desired style.
In the case illustrated in Fig 1, the company is experiencing difficulty in accomplishing backups with web and application servers online.
Parliamentary procedure was designed to correct these problems and to protect the rights of people to meet, debate, and take action in a fair manner while accomplishing common goals with the least amount of controversy.
FMS is one of the many tools available to the Department of State and to the regional unified commanders for accomplishing foreign policy objectives.
The Plugfest is accomplishing what it set out to accomplish." The third LGTP will be held later this fall.
Although there's much talk of convergence and the spirit of cooperation, the real key to accomplishing goals will be the results of the inevitable compromising.
The protege must be willing to enter into a mentoring relationship, develop a plan for accomplishing goals, and listen to advice and respond appropriately.
They called for companies determining what needed to be done and then figuring out the most effective way of accomplishing it.
One appropriate method is to help the student devise a plan of action that outlines how the student will utilize time and effort toward accomplishing the task.