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I don't know of what sort I am," returned Sancho, "but I know very well I'll never get such elegant skimmings off Basilio's pots as these I have got off Camacho's;" and he showed him the bucketful of geese and hens, and seizing one began to eat with great gaiety and appetite, saying, "A fig for the accomplishments of Basilio
Her accomplishments, even where a master had been employed in their attainment, were naturally displayed, and suited to her powers.
Rushworth acknowledged herself very desirous that her son should marry, and declared that of all the young ladies she had ever seen, Miss Bertram seemed, by her amiable qualities and accomplishments, the best adapted to make him happy.
She had not waited her arrival to look out for a suitable match for her: she had fixed on Tom Bertram; the eldest son of a baronet was not too good for a girl of twenty thousand pounds, with all the elegance and accomplishments which Mrs.
Her temper being naturally good, she was never violent or morose, but from constant indulgence, and habitual scorn of reason, she was often testy and capricious; her mind had never been cultivated: her intellect, at best, was somewhat shallow; she possessed considerable vivacity, some quickness of perception, and some talent for music and the acquisition of languages, but till fifteen she had troubled herself to acquire nothing;--then the love of display had roused her faculties, and induced her to apply herself, but only to the more showy accomplishments.
Rosalie knew all her charms, and thought them even greater than they were, and valued them more highly than she ought to have done, had they been three times as great; Matilda thought she was well enough, but cared little about the matter; still less did she care about the cultivation of her mind, and the acquisition of ornamental accomplishments.
The provincial office of Agusan del Sur of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has exceeded its accomplishment in 2015.
The SCYS Secretary General said the accomplishment comes as a result for the huge support provided by the Kingdom's leadership, evidenced by Bahrain's accomplishments over the past years, which consolidates the Kingdom's leading status on all levels.
This accomplishment should be completed in many countries, and maybe the airport must be privatized," Jumblatt said, adding that this idea has been previously suggested by late Premier Rafic Hariri.
Khartoum, June 3 (SUNA)- The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Karti, said that the invitation directed by Germany to Sudan government and a number of the poetical parties, that are accepting the national dialogue, was aimed for their participation in a training and capacity building workshop in the field of constitution accomplishment.
Based on our audit of 10 GAO accomplishment reports that claim financial benefits valued at $1 billion or more, we determined that GAO had a reasonable basis to claim financial benefits of $24.
The highly productive chemical industry requires achievers who complete projects and are driven by that special sense of accomplishment that comes from a job well done.