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He has pulled US out of its global commitments and agreements like the international conference on environment held in Paris, the nuclear deal with Iran and created a war like situation with North Korea besides taking a bizarre decision to accord recognition to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel' a perfect recipe to destabilize the entire region and killing the prospect of peace for ever.
Responding to the apex court's directives, the health department wrote letters to PMDC to accord recognition to medical colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after examining their water and sanitation conditions.
However, in August, 2012 PMDC took a decision not to accord recognition to basic science faculty with PhD if they did not have MBBS degree.
The vote will take place onTuesday, whereGreece will line withdozens of other countries that accord recognition to Palestine.
On account of these early maneuvers, a "cumulative effect" prompted and drove members of the international community, including but most importantly, a reluctant America, to accord recognition to the Asean bloc.
KARACHI -- The Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) President Muhammad Haroon Agar has emphasized to accord recognition to formal real estate investment in the process of economic development.
Pakistan was the first country to accord recognition to UAE after it attained independence in 1971.
The idea was to encourage the owners of the Shikaras to maintain and decorate their Shikaras and also to accord recognition to them.
The Cabinet of President Hamid Karzai directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday to accord recognition to Libya's transitional council, the source said.
com has also recently introduced other initiatives such as 'IndiaMART Leaders of Tomorrow Awards 2010' to accord recognition to the MSMEs and nationwide awareness drive, through its ongoing Brand Campaign, to educate them about the online medium for business.
Afghanistan's ruling Islamic movement becomes the first government to accord recognition to Chechnya, which is currently under attack from Russian forces.
Moily asked the Karnataka Yakshagana Academy and the Delhi Academy of Thenkuthittu Yakshagana to formally take up the issue with the Government of India to accord recognition to the Yakshagana art form and also suggest to the UNESCO to give this dance form recognition.