accordance with law

See: legality
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Talal Chaudhry was indicted under Article 204 of the country's constitution, which provides for punishment of a person for contempt of court in accordance with law.
According to Dr Khaki explained that there were two types of apostates: the one who is involved in anti-state activities should be dealt strictly in accordance with law, whereas changing one's belief should not warrant a death sentence per se, since religion has no compulsion, he added.
We are hopeful that our present labor-related issues will be resolved fairly, peacefully, and in accordance with law,' the company said.
transparency in awarding the contracts and saving losses to public exchequer, besides ensuring the completion of public sector projects in accordance with law.
BAHAWALPUR -- Under the auspices of Punjab Commission for Women Rights, a training workshop of Nikah registrars was held in Ahmedpur Sharqia area of the district that urged the registrars to fill Nikah forms in accordance with law.
It is a duty of the Inspector-General of Police of each province to check and control crime and to see that all the officers subordinate to him perform their duties in accordance with law and that the gazetted officer personally supervise the investigations to ensure that it is faithfully carried out and whether or not they check the case diaries and make inspections of the police station and post falling under their jurisdiction.
The chairman NAB directed the concerned officers of NAB to avoid hurdles in the smooth workings of NGO and INGOs in order to ascertain that whether NGOs are working in accordance with law or Not and there funds are audited and utilised transparently and on merit as per law.
He said it could not be assumed that numerous complaints against judges of the superior courts were without any substance unless there was a regular inquiry conducted in accordance with law.
Speaker office said that resignation of Nisar Jutt has not been received yet, adding proceeding on the resignation would be held in accordance with law and procedure.
Today, under the provisions of Article 67(4) of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China and Article 158(1) of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress has made a detailed interpretation of Article 104 of the Basic Law, including the statutory content that must be embodied in the oath as stipulated in the Article, the meaning of swearing in in accordance with law when assuming office, the legal binding effect of an oath taken under the Article, and the legal liabilities for taking a false oath or breaching the oath.
LONDON -- Co-chairman of Pakistan People Party (PPP) and former President, Asif Ali Zardari has stressed over the need of probe into Panama Leaks and said that Terms of Reference (ToRs) chalked out by the opposition are in accordance with law and constitution.
The bank said that the lenders had failed to 'classify their assets in accordance with law and set aside sufficient reserves to prevent possible damages.