according to contract

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By "return" was meant that their three years of contract labour was up, and that, according to contract, they were being returned to their home villages on the wild island of Malaita.
So, with great vehemence, he overturned Sam, and, giving two or three contemptuous snorts, flourished his heels vigorously in the air, and was soon prancing away towards the lower end of the lawn, followed by Bill and Jerry, whom Andy had not failed to let loose, according to contract, speeding them off with various direful ejaculations.
Here is my Hotel-note to be paid, according to contract.
Contract awarded for Lease of the property of the headquarters of the municipality of tejutla of the department of san marcos corresponding to the months of january to december 2018, For attention of mides users, According to contract mides-fps-dco-46-2018 and ministerial agreement number ds- 17-2018.
The object is to be set in operation till the end of 2018, according to contract.
She also said Bulgargaz has already paid nearly 100% of its dues to the Russian side for the supply of Russian gas in November and the upfront payment of some USD 90 M in three instalments for gas supply in December is also underway according to contract.
According to contract, Mylan has received a license for the non-exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute sofosbuvir and the investigational single tablet regimen of ledipasvir/sofosbuvir in 91 developing countries.
Dubai: Hiring workers on a temporary basis helps companies save up to 15 to 20 per cent in manpower costs, according to contract staffing company Tasc.
Investigations revealed that the SMS code in question is assigned to an external service provider who according to contract terms must obtain Batelco's permission prior to each use of the code.
According to contract, Shoal Point has acquired the remaining 50 percent undivided working legal and beneficial interest in and to exploration licence EL1097R dated November 23, 2011, covering an area of approximately 500,000 acres located offshore of western Newfoundland and Labrador.
He explained that the service agreements are offered by dealers which can vary among different dealers in terms of validity and coverage, in such cases warranty applies according to contract condition as a mutual agreement between sellers and buyers.