according to plan

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The troops of the center, the reserves, and Bagration's right flank had not yet moved, but on the left flank the columns of infantry, cavalry, and artillery, which were to be the first to descend the heights to attack the French right flank and drive it into the Bohemian mountains according to plan, were already up and astir.
And that assumes everything else goes according to plan.
The attempt to cost-out different sizes of armed intervention primarily underscores what we already know: Any such action is tremendously costly and tends not to go according to plan.
Dodgers trainer Stan Johnston said Mueller hasn't suffered a setback, but conceded that the recovery process hasn't gone entirely according to plan and admitted that he is at least somewhat concerned about Mueller.
Cenibra, Arauco, and CMPC have major investments materializing in 2006; moreover, the year 2006 means construction work and equipment installations for Aracruz and Veracel, and according to plan they would then be ready in 2007 to start delivering additional volumes of cost competitive BHKP to world markets.
If all goes according to plan, the craft will be launched in January 2006, swing by Jupiter for a velocity boost from the planet's gravity in early 2007, and in 2015 become the first mission to fly past Pluto and its moon Charon.
As restart of production and inventory restoration has proceeded according to plan, Dow has increased its allocation of VAM to 100% of annual contractual volumes.
The other airlines in the group had developed according to plan, the company added.
If all goes according to plan, production could begin at the easternmost portion of the property by the end of the year.
Recent work at West Ilsley has gone according to plan.
The entire process from negotiating the lease to building out the space was completely fluid, with the owners involved every step of the way to make sure everything ran according to plan," commented Sue Jacobs, Partner of Goodman & Jacobs, LLP.