according to reputation

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According to reputation experts, people's perceptions of a city can impact the economy.
Property developers were judged according to reputation, image, CSR, quality of projects, track record, and innovation.
In an era when international oil company "supermajors" deal with regulatory scrutiny and license-to-operate limits related to recent offshore accidents in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea, and national oil companies deal with rampant political uncertainty among OPEC members, Petrobras--itself a hybrid company with Brazilian government ownership but international management--enjoys the strongest reputation in the energy industry in its home market among consumers, according to Reputation Institute's 2011 Global RepTrak study.
If things go according to reputation, they'll see plenty of their boys' backs for 40 minutes and very little for the rest of the time.
ACCORDING to reputation, New York's Little Italy is home to the finest Italian restaurants outside of Rome and Naples.
Because, according to reputation, it was once the scene of spontaneous wit and unforced conversation.