according to routine

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The first cohort from a non-interventional study of people with hemophilia will be presented, including real world safety and efficacy data from patients with inhibitors to factor VIII replacement therapy treated with current standard of care according to routine clinical practice.
Rafat Jan apprised the members that Registration Cards Issuing System has been improved and backlog of registration cases has been completely eliminated and now registration cards are being issued according to routine schedule.
Shopping centers close to MQM's headquarters Nine Zero were also trading all the day according to routine schedule.
All IVF cycles were performed according to routine IVF procedures.
Samples of selected tissues were collected, fixed in buffered formalin, and processed according to routine histopathologic methods.
Even in Cyprus, in the midst of an as yet uncompleted economic crash, you could say that things have largely gone according to routine for most people.
The day went according to routine in the boulder-strewn mountains until the wind shifted around 4 p.
Well-appearing infants whose mothers had no chorioamnionitis and no indication for GBS prophylaxis should be managed according to routine clinical care.
Abu Dhabi Wholesale outlets and butcheries topped the list of food safety violators in Abu Dhabi emirate last month, according to routine inspections by the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA).
According to Routine Activities Theory, three elements must be present in order for a crime to occur: exposure to motivated offenders, a suitable target, and a lack of capable guardianship.
They said Kennedy, 76, will remain in the hospital "for the next couple of days according to routine protocol".
According to routine data from the District Health Information System in November 2003, South Africa had an immunisation coverage of 79%, with the Western Cape having one of the lowest coverages of all the provinces, i.