according to rule

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He takes with him, however, a rather curious associate, who gets over this difficulty, but dips his naked foot into creasote, whence come Toby, and a six-mile limp for a half-pay officer with a damaged tendo Achillis.
But according to rule book, a party must have at least 10 percent or 55 MPs, to be considered eligible for the position.
At the same time, we read about soldiers not fighting according to rule book, made by politicians, being prosecuted.
According to rule 145 in the Highway Code, drivers must not drive on or over a pavement, footpath or bridleway, except to gain lawful access to property, or in the case of an emergency.
According to Rule 45C, a player must hand a stick to a teammate to replace a broken stick.
Irani had made 106 when he survived an attempted stumping by Steve Marsh with the appeal turned down by square-leg umpire Mike Harris on the grounds of "unfair play" according to rule 42 of the Laws of Cricket.
Having practical war experience, I can see the great difficulties of our troops to stay alive while fighting according to rule books.
She said that Yadv had confessed his severe crimes and court sentenced him according to rule of law.
According to rule, term of the COAS is of three years regardless of the age of superannuation.
According to Rule 11 all procuring agencies shall provide clear authorisation and delegation of powers for different categories of procurement and shall only initiate procurements once approval of the competent authorities concerned has been accorded.
The shares held by Anthony are currently restricted, but without the lock-up agreement in place he would be allowed to begin selling by November of 2005, according to Rule 144.
Senior lawyer of Supreme Court Malik Rab Nawaz said the decision of Panama Papers is according to rule of law.