according to the agreement

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The type- writer people were again clamoring for money, insistently pointing out that according to the agreement rent was to be paid strictly in advance.
According to the agreement, Evergrande will be offered a credit of RMB 20 billion, the highest line of credit offered by PSBC to a corporation since its establishment.
Official Moscow will write off more than $860 million of Uzbekistan's debt, according to the agreement.
He assured to work with Iran on the project of gas pipeline according to the agreement.
According to the agreement, Talanx will take over from Gerling-Konzern VBA all of Gerling Beteiligungs-GmbH [GBG] and the 5% of the shares in Gerling-Konzern Lebensversicherings [GKL] that Gerling-Konzern holds directly.
6654-2(e)(7)(ii), any joint payments made can be divided according to the agreement of the surviving spouse and the decedent's legal representative, if separate returns are filed.
An announcement here on Thursday said that according to the agreement Pak-Qatar General Takaful would provide comprehensive Takaful coverage to Bank Alfalahs Auto Ijara portfolio.
The Company also will sell to CGEA, according to the Agreement, the rest of its holdings in TMM, as follows.
According to the agreement, YPIL will relocate its existing straw pulp making facilities to Zhongjie.
According to the agreement, IBM and MRO Software will initially target companies in the energy and utilities and public sector markets, followed by other industries.
According to the agreement with the FPPC, Lederer, who owns 10 Domino's pizza stores, failed to report a $40,950 contribution and $21,154 in nonmonetary contributions for a 1996 local slow-growth ballot campaign known as Yes on Measure E.
According to the agreement, Air Liquid American will supply equuipment and operating supplies, without cost to [ECO sup.