according to the facts

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The counsel said that according to the facts that the laws on the basis of which lands had been transferred, had also been submitted in the court.
In opening remarks, Prosecutor John Reading told jurors that according to the facts agreed on by both sides, Ms Sumarti went home with Jutting after he offered her "a large sum of money" on October 25, 2014.
According to the facts of the case, thethreateningtexts were sent in September 2014 to Vergas' successor Phedonas Phedonos, then a municipal councillor, former acting municipal engineer Androulla Efthimiou, and journalist Costas Nanos -- and Vergas.
According to the facts presented by the church, the denomination will not have enough churches in America in the coming decades to pay for its own "conferences, bishops, agencies, missions and international disaster response.
This new policy would allow a bigger role for local authorities and more flexibility to address each particular condition and case in the various areas according to the facts, Ghalawanji explained.
The statement added that MOFA applauds the Philippine judiciary for its fair ruling, as well as its determination to punish the perpetrators according to the facts and evidence of the crime.
According to the facts collected in the course of the pre-trial procedure, Vardan Sedrakyan, who was registered as candidate for
What we are saying is that so far, according to the facts given to us and the checks we carried out, no horse meat has entered the food chain in Cyprus.
16 from the earlier year, according to the facts revealed by the Bangladesh Bank.
Sources told, according to the facts and figures collected by police institution's intelligence bureau and special branch that there are approximately more than four thousand people who are residing illegally in Islamabad and its suburb areas, there links with banned organizations and criminal elements can not be ruled out.
According to the facts, the child was forced to perform the act on her father in his room, and when he was done with her, he told her to leave the room and wash her mouth.
Berro commented on the impact of the current global economic crisis on Lebanon and the country's position, among other countries in the region, in attracting foreign investment in 2007, according to the facts stated under the WIR 2008.