according to usage

See: customary
References in classic literature ?
When he appeared with his stocking disordered (its disorder expressed, according to usage, by one very neat fold in the top, which I suppose to be always got up with a flat iron), a conversation took place in the gallery respecting the paleness of his leg, and whether it was occasioned by the turn the ghost had given him.
Charges are made on a sliding scale according to usage, additional income derived through turn off's and on's either through non payment or seasonal stays.
MPOS covers a huge band of products and differ from each other according to usage.
These solutions are also more cost-effective and convenient, since they do not require any upfront investment and can be paid for according to usage or through a monthly/yearly subscription.
Italso allows for flexible IT management with a choice of pass-through GPU and virtual GPU modes that can be configured according to usage needs, making IT change management simple and efficient.
appeals court threw out the communication authority (FCC) rules that require broadband providers to treat all Internet traffic equally (an idea known as "net neutrality"), raising the likelihood that services that use a lot of bandwidth--like Netflix--may have to pay according to usage to ensure good service.
Under the new system, each home or business has been fitted with a meter and will pay according to usage.
Mozilla's new silent updater has not sped up the migration to Firefox 13, according to usage statistics compiled by an Irish metrics company.
It is likely to mean Bank Holiday and Sunday closures or a reduction in weekly opening hours, which will vary according to usage * pounds 7,000 from reductions in town twinning and a local democracy initiative.
From ensuring adequate bandwidth to support rich media applications such as Telepresence, VoIP or Videoconferencing, to controlling bandwidth according to usage schedules, the DVC enables operators to maximize network performance within their existing available bandwidth.
The eight GB internal memory and three recording modes give you the freedom to choose the video quality according to usage scenarios.
Additionally, leveraging ASUS' intelligent fan technology, the cooling fan adjusts its speeds according to usage loads resulting in low noiseand improved efficiency.