according to usage

See: customary
References in classic literature ?
When he appeared with his stocking disordered (its disorder expressed, according to usage, by one very neat fold in the top, which I suppose to be always got up with a flat iron), a conversation took place in the gallery respecting the paleness of his leg, and whether it was occasioned by the turn the ghost had given him.
It allows users to include personal preferences and make adjustments to the design and interface of their accounts on the application, upload their photo, organise the services according to usage or preference, and activate notifications to remain informed of any updates on these services.
Not just that, once the algorithms improve according to usage, these drones can actually do a better job than humans, even in terms of speed.
Billing is according to usage for the creation of the appropriate folder.
Charges are made on a sliding scale according to usage, additional income derived through turn off's and on's either through non payment or seasonal stays.
VisoCon is offering several licensing models for this, which varies in price according to usage (video calls, video meetings or webinars) and the number of participants.
MPOS covers a huge band of products and differ from each other according to usage.
Italso allows for flexible IT management with a choice of pass-through GPU and virtual GPU modes that can be configured according to usage needs, making IT change management simple and efficient.
appeals court threw out the communication authority (FCC) rules that require broadband providers to treat all Internet traffic equally (an idea known as "net neutrality"), raising the likelihood that services that use a lot of bandwidth--like Netflix--may have to pay according to usage to ensure good service.
Under the new system, each home or business has been fitted with a meter and will pay according to usage.
Mozilla's new silent updater has not sped up the migration to Firefox 13, according to usage statistics compiled by an Irish metrics company.
Developers can explore Pearson content in an isolated testing environment and then call on the API for each dataset free of charge, up to a set threshold of quantity, after which they are charged on a pre-payment basis according to usage.