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However, when leaving, the reporter was accosted by another driver who felt no sympathy for people "stupid" enough to pay extortionate taxi rates.
com, the woman, reportedly named Carlyn Campbell, allegedly accosted De Niro before police were called to remove her.
Separately, a correspondent from Israel's Channel Ten television was accosted by a pistol-waving Russian soldier while taping a report at the same location.
VENETA - Deputies investigating the assault and robbery of a man accosted outside his Veneta home Saturday are trying to identify two "persons of interest" who may have information about the attack.
POLICE are seeking a man who accosted a teenager and tried to kiss her.
Bishop Luigi Locati, 76, was walking with a guard from a dining hall for clergy to his residence when three men accosted him.
Adreon Henry: Heather and I slept under a bridge in Colorado and got accosted by some hippy vagrants.
She can't walk down the street without being accosted by admiring fellas.
So this guy comes out of the liquor store with a case of beer, only to be accosted by a beggar.
In the pub opposite the church, a man accosted me and asked me why we were flying the St George's Flag.
Mold Crown Court has heard allegations that Mr Bhandari , 72, literally died of fright when he was accosted by the two women in the street as he made his way home from a meeting of the Institute of Management in Chester.
But he also pulls out a gritty Patti Smith quote in which she is accosted by a "Space Monkey UFO" and removed from her environment--a little like the animals relocated from their jungles to the Museum of Natural History, one of Ford's favorite haunts.