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24, Batasan policemen who were on patrol accosted a man in Barangay Payatas for driving a motorcycle without a helmet.
Somew ITV ther 1994, of a 1 tipsy Leonard accosted by a 33 motherly me, follo Academy Awards Leo was there f Oscar nominee fo role in What's Eat I was there, thin a Dolce & Gabban Leo was there for the first time as an Oscar nominee for his supporting actor role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
They were again accosted by drivers offering to take them on trips around Bahrain, although this time no prices were quoted and none of the tourists accepted their offer.
It is thought Mr Byers was accosted as he got out of his car to go into the housing complex when the man sprayed blue Powerade at him.
London, June 8 (ANI): A drunken female fan recently accosted Robert De Niro on the set of his new film in Michigan, before police came to rescue the star.
Councillor Berman was forced to ask police to help clear the way through the protesters so he could park his car, and he accosted an Echo photographer recording the protest.
The woman had been speaking in Portuguese to her mother on a mobile phone when she was accosted.
Their victim, an Indian, was accosted by the men in the RefaCOa area of Dubai in May.
The reporters said the soldier who had accosted them made off with the vehicle, which contained their passports.
The 21-year-old victim was accosted by Mark Brown, 33, of Leicester, who verbally abused her and then grabbed her breasts with both hands.
A police spokesman said: the 35-year-old was accosted by two man and stabbed, but his injuries were not life threatening.