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Police said the robbers are apparently waiting in the hillside residential area of the San Fernando Valley for people to come home, then accosting them in their garages.
Woolley, of Formosa Road, Fazakerley, claimed she was mistaken for another woman she saw with Campbell accosting Mr Bhandari outside the Odeon Cinema, Chester.
We're not accosting people or trying to be vicious, we're just trying to have our voices heard,'' said Jeff Farthing, a 22-year-old clerk.
At the time Unick of his Los Angeles conviction, he had been also been sentenced to a six-year suspended sentence in Ventura County for accosting a 13-year-old girl at a department store inside the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks in 2000.
A day after verbally accosting referee Steve Javie, then reportedly smashing a VCR in the locker room, O'Neal calmly vowed to adjust his game.
Frankie Valli also said Sofsky acted like a maniac, accosting the celebrity diners and causing the singer to fear for their safety.