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The act of giving birth to a child.

The fact of accouchement may be proved by the direct testimony of someone who was present, such as a midwife or a physician, at the time of birth. It may be significant in proving parentage; for example, where there is some question about who is entitled to inherit property from an elderly person who died leaving only distant relatives.

ACCOUCHEMENT. The act of giving birth to a child. It is frequently important to prove the filiation of an individual; this may be done in several ways. The fact of the accouchement may be proved by the direct testimony of one who was present, as a physician, a midwife, or other person. 1 Bouv. Inst. u. 314.

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Edna walks into the ocean and the waves are "coiled like serpents about her ankles" (138), a Dionysian image of wisdom and fertility that repeats the image of Madame Ratignolle's braid during her accouchement, which was "coiled like a golden serpent" (133).
La pression prolongee de la tete de l'enfant sur le pelvis de la mere pendant un accouchement difficile coupe la circulation du sang qui alimente les tissus environnants, ce qui finit par entrainer la formation d'un trou entre la vessie et le vagin et/ou entre le rectum et le vagin.
It is likely that the wives of the soldiers would not have turned to the regimental surgeons for their accouchement.
Pour une femme, l'heure venue, son accouchement se passera mal, ou bien encore ses deux parents mourront.
Les situations ou la vie est en danger, liees a des accidents ou a un accouchement (14) inscrivent le cure comme porteur des sacrements.
The fulfillment of unrestricted human intentionality is not the product of human knowing and choosing but, in fact, the denouncement of the established horizon of human knowing and choosing in the accouchement of a new horizon "in which the love of God will transvalue our values and the eyes of that love will transform our knowing.
All these factors, in addition to unhygienic methods of accouchement practiced by dais, result in a maternal mortality rate of 6-8/1000.
When she gave birth to her first child, the disorientated Prince Eddy, the six doctors assigned to the accouchement failed to turn up.
The vicissitudes of the large family, the high infant mortality rate, the high maternal mortality rate, the appearance of the doctor for the annual accouchement, and the almost equally frequent appearance of the undertaker, were all considered "normal".
Long after Baudelaire's accouchement of Poe as a member of the founder stock of French Symbolism and Europe's recognition of his importance, America, paying lip-service to the genius of the artist, was McCarthyishly preoccupied with the bad citizenship of the man.
Les habitants sont obliges de parcourir des dizaines, voire des centaines de kilometres pour pourvoir beneficier d'une consultation medicale, de soins de sante de base, d'un accouchement.
La wilaya de Djelfa dispose, egalement, d'un complexe mere-enfant, assurant diverses prestations en accouchement, gynecologie et prise en charge des nouveaux-nes, indique-t-on.