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Even with the blinders imposed by the account book, this intricately detailed exploration of life and trade around Moreton in Marsh points the way to a recalibration of how scholars interpret the social and economic history of England in this key period.
8) Covent Garden's treasurer provided a detailed list of the theatre's staff and salaries in the opening pages of his account book for the 1766-67 season.
Henslowe's diary remains central (not marginal) to the writing of theater history--but as a memorandum book rather than as an account book or a "diary" with the connotations that this term conjures up for modern readers.
The account book also records family expenditure, including the funeral expenses of Vincent.
In addition, Golvers provides seven chapters of commentaries, in almost 400 pages, based primarily on the account book.
An adequate accounting is an account book or similar record the taxpayer submits to the employer with supporting evidence.
At June 30, 2002, the most recent date at which Harris & Harris Group valued its investments, it valued its interest in PHZ at its capital account book value of $3,492,547.
There are moments when the reader may quiver a little, as when Hoffman decides to base his estimates of factor and product shares in the whole of the Paris Basin--the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries inclusive--on a rare account book discovered on a farm 150 kilometers north of Paris for the year 1765.
Bungling bank chiefs yesterday apologised after an 11-year-old girl was mistakenly sent an account book with a pensioner's life-savings.
Keeping an account book and saving the paper trail might no longer help keep your accounts in order.
According to the Account Book of Sir John Foulis of Ravelston, the earliest game played on Musselburgh Links took place on March 2, 1672.
Peter King, the book's author, had to work from material written in one old account book that ran from 1495 to 1925.