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For organizations with more fixed assets, it is necessary to consider asset depreciation, amortization, or retirement and other problems, which showed the complexity of fixed asset tax account books.
New research on his only surviving account book has revealed that, during his most productive period, when he is estimated to have transformed more than 500,000 acres of land in at least 250 sites for wealthy clients, including the king and six prime ministers, he earned vast amounts of money.
This could be the next day, but was often at the end of the season, when the account book shows a flurry of late payments.
The imperial waqfs prepared a main account book at the end of each accounting period, which covered usually a solar year and sometimes a lunar year.
Heritage was not meticulous: he omitted transactions and his account book does not cover all of his activities, but there is enough for Dyer to assemble a portrait of Heritage the businessman.
A notice on the account book says: "This pass book is the property of the Society.
The account book is a complex manuscript, requiring considerable deciphering, researching and annotating--and regrets that it had previously been inaccessible are now dispelled by this excellent publication.
In addition, Golvers provides seven chapters of commentaries, in almost 400 pages, based primarily on the account book. Golvers examines the geographical setting of the mission, Rougemont's travels, his contacts with different groups in Chinese society, his pastoral work, various means of propagating Christianity, the material culture of the mission, and the mission's finances.
An adequate accounting is an account book or similar record the taxpayer submits to the employer with supporting evidence.
"Adequate records" consist of both a record of the expense (e.g., an account book, statement of expense or similar record) and documentary evidence (e.g., receipts or paid bills).
To apply insurance for a person who has already departed Korea, an Insurance Application form (received from Sri Lanka EPS Center), copy of the owners passport, copy of the owners bank account book (name of the bank/ name of the branch which opened the account/ account number/ name of the account), bank identification code (SWIFT or BIC code) should be produced.
The five papers in English discuss three remarkable Arabic documents from the Heidelberg Papyrus Collection dating to the first-third/seventh-ninth centuries, the testimony of the papyri and literary sources concerning death dates in Umayyad stipends registers, an Arabic ephemeris for the year 931-932 CE, Nekloni (al-Naqlun) and the Coptic account book British Library Or.