account owing

See: debt
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Japanese brokerage house Nomura said, " The recent relaxation in gold import norms and the subsequent rise in gold imports will be more than offset by the benefits to the current account owing to lower oil prices.
8 percent in June, pulled down by the faster expansion of the net other items account owing to higher placements of eligible counterparties in the BSP SDA facility.
While the developed world has swiftly toned down the intensity of oil use in the wake of rising oil prices and uncertain crude production, the developing economies lag far behind on this account owing to their proneness to wasteful oil consumption.
The current account balance averaged $93 billion, at an annual rate, during the first three quarters of 1990, down from a total of $1 10 billion in 1989; the improvement in this account was greater than that in the trade account owing to a strengthening of net receipts from service transactions, those involving such things as travel, education, and finance.