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Judge Bashir has been working in the accountability court since 2012.
An inquiry was initiated by National Accountability Bureau Lahore in 2010 and the accused was sent notices to which he did not respond.
Earlier on Tuesday, the IHC granted a 24-hour stay on the accountability court's judgment about confiscation of property of Dar's guarantor.
The counsel contended that the accountability court was conducting trial of his client in his absence and recording statements of prosecution witnesses.
dishonesty and requested the court to declare the judgment of accountability regarding confiscation of his property as null and void.
The Islamabad High Court had earlier asked the accountability court to review Nawaz Sharif's application.
If a reference is initiated against the PPP leadership, the bail of the person will take two and a half years, whereas the Sharif family is granted bail in just one day" Zardari said as he questioned, "What sort of accountability is this?
Across the board accountability is a demand which is raised from various quarters yet one needs to ask: why has the process of across the board accountability not taken off in Pakistan?
Second, we've learned that parents and voters feel strongly that accountability is essential.
The study, Reimagining accountability in K-12 education, is co-authored by Brian P.
Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "The Personal Accountability Code: The Step-by-Step Guide to a Winning Strategy that Transforms Your Goals into Reality with the New Science of Accountability" is thoroughly 'user friendly' from beginning to end and very strongly recommended for personal self-help, self-improvement study lists.
This scholarly volume on accountability theory and practice examines the theoretical constructs of accountability relationships and explores, through a broad collection of data, the practical applications of accountability knowledge across a wide spectrum of management contexts.

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