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accounts (of limited companies)

annual accounts for circulation to members. Normally the accounts must include: a profit and loss account (or income and expenditure account if the company is not trading for profit); a balance sheet signed by a director; an auditor's report signed by the auditor (if appropriate); a director's report signed by a director or the secretary of the company; notes to the accounts; and group accounts (if appropriate). For financial years beginning on or after 1 April 2005, the directors of a quoted company are also required to prepare an operating and financial review signed by a director or secretary. In this case, the auditor's report must give an opinion on the information in the report. For financial years beginning on or after 1 January 2005, the accounts may be prepared in accordance with international accounting standards. The accounts must be lodged with Companies House.
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They bring a wealth of experience to our growing client accounts department and have a genuine interest in the sort of work we do."
Commending the Defence Accounts Department for facilitating the procurement of weapons and systems, the Defence Minister noted that the capital expenditure, utilised last year, has been an all-time record.
The offences are alleged to have been committed when the defendant worked in the care home's accounts department.
The bank sacked three people from job, whereas the accounts department suspended Mumtaz Qaisrani, then district accounts officer, but he was never arrested.
During the visit of Finance and Accounts Department Siddiqui gave instructions to director finance that practical steps should be taken for the prompt release of salaries to all the staff and officers.
The accounts department of police constabulary drew salaries and GP funds from the account through fake recruitment.
She said: "I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, it has helped enormously towards my everyday responsibilities working as part of the accounts department team at the South Shields branch.
But just seven months later, Aga has decided to close the Troldahl accounts department and move the function to another of its companies in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.
"Now that the accounts department is fully centralised, we can concentrate on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole accounts function."
I WOULD like to draw the attention of higher authorities to the inequality in the pay and allowances of other departments like the Federal Board of Revenue and the judiciary is high which are paid high salaries compared to that of the audit and accounts department.
The committee would ensure all security measures in the amendments/change of any data regarding KMC employees and it would submit its recommendation to the finance and accounts department for implementation of any such change in the data of employees.