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Apart from a small dressing tabl e from her days as a movie makeup artist, and the wide-screened television resting on top of it, the room was accoutered only with shadows; before I had a chance to find a chair she had grabbed my arm and planted me on the edge of her bed.
The Art of Painting is one of Vermeer's most intellectually and formally ambitious works (and one of his most achieved), with its elegantly but anachronistically dressed painter seated at his easel, scrutinizing a model accoutered to symbolize fame, its wash of pale sunlight, and its delicate orchestration of warm grays and creams brought to life by dull oranges and intense blues.
For this, social workers must be accoutered with a framework or strategy to guide them in determining which principle, value, or obligation to honor foremost when ethical obligations conflict.
One poor man brought along a cow, accoutered in the appropriate white vestments, because "the kids will need milk.
During one of their arguments, Tshembe wears African traditional robes while Abioseh is accoutered in the Catholic robes of medieval and modern Europe.
nuclear threat, dangling over it throughout the Cold War, and the clear enemy to the South, with its thriving economy and richly accoutered military.
The glare of a projection video screen spills into a darkened room, catching two strangely accoutered figures in its harsh light.