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It never was done until some three years back, when some six or seven arrived fully accoutered in Indian fashion.
For this, social workers must be accoutered with a framework or strategy to guide them in determining which principle, value, or obligation to honor foremost when ethical obligations conflict.
One poor man brought along a cow, accoutered in the appropriate white vestments, because "the kids will need milk.
Chris Ofili, painter of the dung- accoutered Holy Virgin Mary, has written that "a lot of artists are producing what is known as Saatchi art.
Accoutered in learned sound-bite equivalents, Sir Hugo's hypothetical intellectual is commercialized in anti-industrial terms: rather than make himself into a "machine," he invests his capital in the appeal of "disinterested culture," and sees its return in the shape of political clout.
During one of their arguments, Tshembe wears African traditional robes while Abioseh is accoutered in the Catholic robes of medieval and modern Europe.
nuclear threat, dangling over it throughout the Cold War, and the clear enemy to the South, with its thriving economy and richly accoutered military.
When the requirement for an upgraded ground EW capability emerged a few years ago, the Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM), Quantico, VA, knew a major development effort was unaffordable, and opted instead for a "state of the marketplace" solution that accoutered the LAV with a suite of Watkins-Johnson equipment, including the company's WJ-4810 communications jammer.
Elegantly accoutered and impeccably made up, her novels, like her women, find their truth in limitation, their passion in despair.
The glare of a projection video screen spills into a darkened room, catching two strangely accoutered figures in its harsh light.
From the lavishly accoutered horse on which he sat, his bearing was majestic and impressive.