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For all cases of congenital symmastia, a personalized “X-shaped” support garment should be accoutred immediately after surgery for at least 3 months to stimulate adherence of the presternal skin to the sternum.
And Graham Clark, magnificently accoutred, was a splendid, almost sympathetic witch, facial expressions traversing all that heavy make-up, and vocal inflections doing all the business.
5) Behind him, as his sponsor, stands St Michael, splendidly accoutred in armour akin to that sported by St George in The Van der Paele Madonna (Groeninge Museum, Bruges); he carries his helmet under his left arm and places his right hand on the patron's shoulder.
We would certainly become more Christlike--not merely comfortably accoutred promulgators of correct propositions about God and inherited notions of ecclesiology, but righteous-rich followers of the way, whose immense good fortune is put at the disposal of the neighbors among whom our Lord has placed and accompanies us.
Battigelli reveals a self-consciously constructed public persona in line with the first incarnation of the cavalier woman, finding Cavendish in men's apparel, accoutred in cavalier accessories and bowing, rather than curtseying, to her peers at social events.
Declaring offhandedly that he has "no idea / What this accoutred frowsty barn is worth" (53-54), the speaker proceeds quasi-liturgically to extol precisely what he deems its "worth" to be: "A serious house on serious earth it is, / In whose blent air all our compulsions meet, / Are recognised, and robed as destinies" (55-57).
To one side of the balustrade, a young man is blowing a horn like a triton shell, and on the water at his feet floats a richly accoutred gondola flying the Venetian flag, while two oarsmen stand by in attendance.
Bare heads, or heads accoutred in the wrong kind of headgear, cause our want of self-respect, and therefore our want of respect for others.
The trouble started, he says, when the woman parked her car in the fire lane in front of the library's main entrance and accoutred it with flags and G.
In addition, Article VI required each state to "always keep up a well-regulated and disciplined militia, sufficiently armed and accoutred.
By the end of World War II, the American correspondents who appeared in Tokyo were similarly attired and accoutred.