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Kaoukji displays a collection of outstanding precious weapons and accoutrements from the Indian subcontinent that Sheikh Nasser and Sheikha Hussah al-Sabah assembled during many years.
Even if you're not carrying a gun and mags, today's accoutrements for daily living can be overwhelming.
For instance, the test chamber did not include carpet, many office furniture materials, and other normal interior accoutrements that might interact with VOCs and ozone.
The days when Ravel's Bolero or Roxy Music's "Avalon" were surefire aural accoutrements for getting hot and heavy are long gone.
A booming housing market on lower interest rates fueled other sales, such as accoutrements for the home and home electronics.
In this story, published 13 years ago, we outlined a process--assiduously tested by staff members--of forming ordinary hardware screening into Caribbean carnival-style masks and decorating them with colored masking tape, yarn, and other accoutrements.
Steffan Hammond has created a guitar and stand that stores all the musical accoutrements such as plectrums and pedals.
Designed by a company associated with a home plans outfit and rather obviously not by architects, the accoutrements stuffed into the half million dollar building suggest that the Big Things for the coming year are giant tvs and (unlike last year when wiring new houses up for networks was hot) wireless networks--which need nothing at all in the way of installation from the builder.
Forced engagement and renewed frustration with internists, specialists, and HMOs have also left us with the desire to dabble in acupressure and aromatherapy as if there wasn't a time when these pursuits would have seemed exotic and laughable as the accoutrements of health for rich white people.
think of all of those tricked-out Dodge Ram pickups: many of those accoutrements may have come from a dealer).
Still others have compared him to Ed Gein (on whom The Silence of the Lambs is based), the serial killer who turned the corpses of his victims into household accoutrements, skulls into soup bowls, skins into lampshades.
Sekou uses the chapter to discuss how the hip-hop generation has found sanctuary, an almost religious salvation via hip-hop accoutrements.