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The college's Geology Engineering Technology, Mining Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology and Instrumentation Engineering Technology programs have also achieved national accreditation from CTAB.
Increased community advocacy: the accreditation process offers a framework in which police and citizens can work together to prevent and control challenges confronting law enforcement and to address community expectations.
Grachek: With "Shared Visions/New Pathways," the Joint Commission is making a paradigm shift in the accreditation process from one that focuses on survey preparation to one that focuses on ongoing standards compliance and systems improvement.
The new organization will help CCAC better serve its customers by streamlining processes, expanding accreditation to reach more consumers and creating one industry leader in accreditation.
Any extension of accreditation must have Section Board approval since it will affect the overall percent of camps visited for the year (visiting 90 percent of camps due a visit is a section charter requirement).
The association postponed the zoo's accreditation renewal application in 1995, giving the facility one year to improve.
The PFP Executive Committee is working with the National Accreditation Commission, a new senior AICPA committee, in considering a "point system" similar to the IT accreditation model to foster greater flexibility of entry into the PFS accreditation program.
Collectively known as the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), the organization develops standards and administers the accreditation process.
Accreditation by the commission is generally recognized as a ``seal of approval'' and is sought by hospitals to qualify for reimbursements for Medicare or from other insurers.
Exhibit 1, page 110, shows a breakdown according to the group's accreditation status or desire to obtain accreditation.
The Task Force's model itemizes specific requirements for initial accreditation, mainly three years of 500 hours per year devoted to tax matters, and thereafter passing an examination.

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