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A third AICPA-member group was segregated to help analyze overall attitudes: PFP division members who had no accreditation and did not want to obtain one.
This accreditation recognizes that the programs and resources we provide meet the highest quality standards.
The accreditation process provides for written directives, sound training, clearly defined lines of authority, and routine reports that support decision making and resource allocation.
Annual service fees for CRC accreditation are on a sliding scale, from $300 for small operations to $900 for very large operations.
Accreditation can provide the consumer with independent confirmation of education and experience rather than the self-serving claims of the individual or firm.
The most significant development is that the Italian consulates have been instructed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs not to issue a mission visa to a DoD contractor without the USSSO-signed accreditation letter, a step that has completely eliminated the previous problem of DoD contractors showing up in Italy without proper documentation.
The German Township Police Department found the road to accreditation difficult.
Recently Marianna Kern Grachek, MSN, CNHA, CALA, executive director of JCAHO's Long Term Care Accreditation Programs, clarified and explained these changes in an interview with Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management Editor-in-Chief Richard L.
the reinforced value of accreditation among AAHSA members should "help 'raise the bar' for quality care and services.
ACA is a national accrediting body and the public relies on our system for accreditation.
Inspectors from the American Zoo and Aquarium Association toured the zoo Thursday and met with the public as part of a three-day evaluation to determine whether the 35-year-old animal park deserves renewal of its national accreditation.
Last month, URAC's Accreditation and Executive Committees awarded accreditation to a number of health care organizations that have recently demonstrated compliance with URAC's rigorous accreditation standards.

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