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To give official authorization or status. To recognize as having sufficient academic standards to qualify graduates for higher education or for professional practice. In International Law: (1) To acknowledge; to receive as an envoy and give that person credit and rank accordingly. (2) To send with credentials as an envoy. This latter use is now the accepted one.


verb accept, affirm, approve, authenticate, authorize, certify, confirm, endorse, ratify, sanction, vouch for
Associated concepts: accredited law school, accredited reppesentative
See also: agree, allow, approve, ascribe, authorize, bestow, certify, concur, confirm, corroborate, cosign, countenance, delegate, empower, honor, indorse, notarize, qualify, seal, sign, support, trust, verify

TO ACCREDIT, international law. The act by which a diplomatic agent is acknowledged by the government near which he is sent. This at once makes his public character known, and becomes his protection.

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Professional and regional accrediting bodies are emphasizing liberal learning in their standards.
Assessment has become a primary focus of not only the AACSB, but also of many regional and professional accrediting agencies.
Although the Task Force concluded that broad and narrow tax specialties were not necessarily mutually exclusive, it recommended that the AICPA should first consider accrediting a broad specialty, which would be more representative of the average CPA's tax practice.
This article will discuss the pros and cons of accrediting a tax specialty and - by presenting both sides of the issue - outline the controversy that has arisen.

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