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He said that if this result is confirmed by future studies it would mean that the initial mass function is not dependent on how the stars form but on the availability of material nearby the embryonic stars from which they accrete their mass.
A strategic combination of assets, net income, an enhanced pharmaceutical drug pipeline and technologies will accrete value to the Company and its shareholders.
In the inner solar system it takes about 1 million years to accrete a core the size of the moon.
Therefore, the discount notes will accrete to a total of $45 million, due in conjunction with BellSouth's lease expiration in 2018.
But in Nova Muscae 1991 and other X-ray novas, the compact star is believed to be a neutron star, and the outburst -- prompted by the suddent release of gravitational energy as matter from the disk accretes onto the star's surface -- might not have a thermonuclear component.

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