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where [U.sub.M] is the gravitational potential energy of Sgr A* before the object is accreted,
For the most part, therefore, accreted terranes appear to be thin and confined to the crust.
After three years, the issuer may redeem the bond for cash at its accreted value.
It is not fear-based but a moral imperative derived from the accreted evidence of more than one scientific discipline.
The present interpretation of oceanic plate motions over this hotspot suggest that a sea mount chain should have been formed roughly parallel to the North American margin and subsequently accreted into the subduction complex.
For most people, the focus of attention must remain the 900 year-old building with its accreted layers and fine examples of craftsmanship from every period, so Giencke's discreet additions will fade into the background.
Burgess works with precision to reconstruct those terms in their original complexity, and thus removes from them many years of accreted simplification.
Ely filed suit against UPRC alleging that he was entitled to all the mineral royalties from the accreted property.
City Planning Commission Chairman Joseph Rose asserted that "a body of regulations has accreted that stands in the way of housing production, retail growth and other activity ...
Thus did the accreted iconography of Smokey, originated in a flurry of wartime patriotism, endow the bear with powers far exceeding those of merely reminding youngsters to be careful with matches.
Upon conversion, the issuer must pay cash for the obligation's accreted value (the debt's carrying amount at conversion) and may satisfy the conversion spread (the excess conversion value over the accreted value) in either cash or stock.
Instead, they lean toward the idea that Nereid accreted into a moon around Neptune or another planet and that both it and Triton were knocked into their peculiar orbits by some large body or planet.