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Paleozoic magmatism was sparse along the North American margin, but many of the accreted terranes have distinct magmatic signatures.
The issuer adjusts the debt's carrying amount in each reporting period to reflect the current stock price, but not below the bond's accreted value.
In addition, since payments under the MSA are subject to various adjustments and offsets based on several factors, including cigarette consumption, Fitch developed a series of cash flow stresses to determine the transaction's ability to pay the accreted value of the bonds by their stated legal final maturity dates.
The planetesimals in the asteroid belt should have accreted to a sizable planet; only Jupiter's gravity keeping them apart can explain why they didn't.
The rating of the class A-2 accreted notes addresses the likelihood that investors will receive the accreted investment amount by the legal final maturity.
Under the terms of the Notes, holders could require the Company to purchase all or a portion of their Notes on October 1, 2006 at a purchase price equal to the accreted value of the Notes, which includes accrued and unpaid cash interest.
The ratings of the above bonds address the issuer's ability to pay accreted value of the series 2006A, 2006B, and 2006C bonds by their respective legal final maturity dates.
The accreted value of the Notes outstanding as of July 28, 2006 is approximately $76.
The Granby River Fault is a regional north trending, west dipping detachment fault that separates high grade metamorphic rocks to the east from the younger accreted and post-accretionary rocks to the west.
The expected ratings of the above referenced bonds address the issuer's ability to make timely payments of the subordinate series 2006A, subordinate series 2006B, and subordinate series 2006C bond's accreted values by their respective maturity dates.

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