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The act of adding portions of soil to the soil already in possession of the owner by gradual deposition through the operation of natural causes.

The growth of the value of a particular item given to a person as a specific bequest under the provisions of a will between the time the will was written and the time of death of the testator—the person who wrote the will.

Accretion of land is of two types: (1) by alluvion, the washing up of sand or soil so as to form firm ground; and (2) by dereliction, as when the sea shrinks below the usual watermark. The terms alluvion and accretion are often used interchangeably, but alluvion refers to the deposit itself while accretion denotes the act. Land uncovered by a gradual subsidence of water is not an accretion; it is a reliction.


noun addition, advance, annexation, augmentation, enlargement, extension, gain, growth
See also: accession, accumulation, boom, collection, compilation, cumulation, development, enlargement, increase, increment


1 the natural increase in the area of land by accumulation of soil and the like. In Scotland the Roman term ALLUVIO is used for the same concept.
2 in Scotland, the term used in conveyancing to denote the fortification of a title by subsequent acquisition of ownership.

ACCRETION. The increase of land by the washing of the seas or rivers. Hale, De Jure Maris, 14. Vide Alluvion; Avulsion.

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These DNA sequences also confirmed that the mussels from the Barbados Accretionary Prism ("B.
These include (1) the reconstruction of the control site revetment and introduction up drift of beach fill in midstudy, (2) the proximity of the down-drift sector of the control site to the accretionary fillet associated with the Muskegon Harbor structure, and (3) the presence of the Duck Lake outlet channel on the north end of the installation study site.
Such an accretionary zone of this order of steepness is seen on the low marsh at sheltered Aust Warth (Figs.
Structure of Sinu--San Jacinto fold belt--An active accretionary prism in northern Colombia.
Mastodonts (and other proboscideans as well) show a conspicuous pattern of accretionary lamination within the dentine of their tusks and molar teeth.
At the finest scale, fourth-order segments, which are on the order of 10 kilometers long, may survive as distinct conduits for crustal accretionary processes for only 100 to 10,000 years.
BOSTON -- When Scripps National Spelling Bee Competitors gather in Washington, DC on May 29 for the 81st national championships, young people from all over the US will sweat over arcane words ranging from accretionary to zeugma.
China is a complex collage of continental blocks and accretionary belts, as well as several smaller blocks and terranes, including amalgamation of the North China plates and the southern marginal areas of Siberia.
In the eastern part, the Annieopsquotch Accretionary Tract (AAT) comprises a complex east-vergent thrust stack of ophiolites and arc-back-arc complexes that is bounded to the west by the Lloyds River-Hungry Mountaln fault system and to the east by the Red Indian Line (Lissenberg et al.
Forming at sites of subduction of the oceanic lithosphere due to plate tectonics, accretionary systems are magmatic arc systems along with material accreted from the down going plate and eroded from the upper plate and are important in generating, recycling, and maturing continental crust.
Thermal modeling in shallow subduction: an application to low P/T metamorphism of the Cretaceous Shimanto Accretionary Complex, Japan.
Due to the movement of the plates, these so-called accretionary wedges are exposed to enormous stress that form large faults.