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The act of adding portions of soil to the soil already in possession of the owner by gradual deposition through the operation of natural causes.

The growth of the value of a particular item given to a person as a specific bequest under the provisions of a will between the time the will was written and the time of death of the testator—the person who wrote the will.

Accretion of land is of two types: (1) by alluvion, the washing up of sand or soil so as to form firm ground; and (2) by dereliction, as when the sea shrinks below the usual watermark. The terms alluvion and accretion are often used interchangeably, but alluvion refers to the deposit itself while accretion denotes the act. Land uncovered by a gradual subsidence of water is not an accretion; it is a reliction.


noun addition, advance, annexation, augmentation, enlargement, extension, gain, growth
See also: accession, accumulation, boom, collection, compilation, cumulation, development, enlargement, increase, increment


1 the natural increase in the area of land by accumulation of soil and the like. In Scotland the Roman term ALLUVIO is used for the same concept.
2 in Scotland, the term used in conveyancing to denote the fortification of a title by subsequent acquisition of ownership.

ACCRETION. The increase of land by the washing of the seas or rivers. Hale, De Jure Maris, 14. Vide Alluvion; Avulsion.

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At this latitude, the Palaeozoic accretionary processes that occurred in the ancient southwestern margin of Gondwana start with the Cuyania collision to Gondwana (old Pampia terrane), causing to Famatinian orogeny in Ordovician times (Fig.
2005); the whole Apennine belt displays variable deformation styles, in fact the Adriatic slab retreat generates compression along the frontal Apennines accretionary prism, moving towards NE at a rate of 2-3 mm/yr, and extension along the Apennines chain (Serpelloni et al.
As the leeward accretionary wedge developed, the subsequent surface was only drowned at exceptional high tides and became converted to sabkha as the accretion proceeded.
These DNA sequences also confirmed that the mussels from the Barbados Accretionary Prism ("B.
Post Jurassic-aged subduction of the peridotites emplaced them under the growing Franciscan accretionary wedge.
Is the British system of democracy based on incrementalism and accretionary precedent a recipe for disaster for modernist planning?
Otoliths are accretionary crystalline structures located within the inner ear of teleost fish.
The data suggest an antithetic relationship compared to the profile volume change described north of the revetment; the experimental structure apparently creates an accretionary fillet to the south during the summer months.
The fiscal institutions in pla ce generally reflect the results of an accretionary process of policy change over time, and the inertia inherent in such institutions must not be underestimated.
This mineral association frequently shows simple accretionary features, such as crustifications (e.
The regional and local variations in till lithostratigraphy reflect the formation of drumlin fields during one or more glacial advances and/or an accretionary origin of drumlins (Goldstein 1989).
The recurrence of characters, situations, and themes in Fancydancing through Toughest Indian suggests that Alexie's work may be estimated most fairly in terms of its accretionary power, a salient feature of oral tradition.