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It is our goal to accretively and meaningfully increase our adjusted EBITDA annually over the next several years.
William Kocken, CEO of Bralorne stated "I am a significant Bralorne shareholder and long-serving Bralorne director and officer and speaking as a Bralorne shareholder and director and officer, I believe that this transaction represents an exceptional opportunity for Bralorne shareholders to gain exposure to a profitable precious metals producer with a track record of accretively financing the expansion of operating mines.
Through partial and full monetizations of mature positions along with our recent issuance of perpetual preferred stock, we are able to redeploy capital and grow the company accretively without issuing more common stock," said Richard Saltzman, the Company's President and Chief Executive Officer.
Our team accretively invested the remaining proceeds from our offering by acquiring an additional $283 million of investment properties within our core discipline," said Nicholas S.
Management's job is to continue to grow earnings, keep our buildings leased, invest capital accretively, and deliver long-term value to our stockholders.
We believe that this unique investment structure will be helpful to Ashford Prime in continuing to lower its cost of capital and to grow accretively.
The attendant financings associated with these transactions enabled us to accretively increase our equity capital base six-fold while extending the maturities of our credit agreements.
Both of our REIT platforms continued to display solid RevPAR growth, benefiting from the revenue initiatives that we have implemented across our portfolios and we believe the key money concept that we are announcing will allow both REITs to grow accretively while also resulting in value creation for Ashford Inc.
Results for the fourth quarter 2010 through the second quarter 2011 reflect the Company's continued focus on improving its consolidated balance sheet by reducing leverage, generating liquidity from existing assets, actively managing portfolio credit, accretively re-investing repayments in loan and commercial mortgage backed securities, or CMBS, and renewing expiring leases.
We will continue to seek and pursue these types of opportunities to capitalize on favorable market dynamics to accretively add value to our portfolio.
commented, "I expect this acquisition to accretively add new oil production and reserves to EnerJex's portfolio while decreasing our operating expenses per-barrel through economies of scale.
The expansion of the facility is part of our strategy to create financial flexibility to pursue opportunities to accretively deploy capital as they arise.