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He called for emergent and effective steps for draining out accumulated rain water from main thoroughfares and low-lying areas.
The large pay cheques resulted in his firm building up its accumulated profits to [euro]254,051 and his cash pile to [euro]292,855 in 2013.
The analyst of the Agency of Rating Marketing Information (ArmInfo ) say the accumulated profits of the banking system grew 12.
The payment of all accumulated deferred interest, plus accrued interest, was made to The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co Inc for placement of such funds into the trust account of First Preferred Capital Trust IV maintained on the books and records of The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co.
First Banks Inc (NYSE:FBSPRA), a registered bank holding company, said on Friday that it paid its affiliated trust, First Preferred Capital Trust IV, all accumulated deferred interest and accrued interest on First Preferred Capital's 8.
The payment of all accumulated deferred interest, plus accrued interest thereon, was made to The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co (NYSE: BK) Inc.
Bisha, Baha and Moijil companies reported highest accumulated losses with losses exceeding their capital by more than 100 percent, the report said.
CUMYC is the number of accumulated yellow cards a team has entering the match, and [beta] will be negative if accumulated yellow cards deter aggressive play.
beneficiary and to other trust beneficiaries, (2) the amount of the trust's distributions exceeded the amount of its income for the year of distribution, (3) the trust had undistributed income accumulated from prior years and (4) the trust previously paid U.
The aircraft in question had accumulated over 28,200 flight hours in close to 14,400 flights.
To encourage corporations to pay dividends rather than accumulating earnings and allowing shareholders to avoid income taxes, the accumulated earnings tax imposes a penalty tax on earnings accumulated beyond the reasonable needs of a business under IRC section 531.
Before opening the fuel cap, blow away all the accumulated sand first.