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Aon plc has partnered with software company Skytek to provide real-time monitoring of insurers' marine risks, identifying accumulations for enhanced underwriting and reinsurance programs.
Hail accumulations at the surface, sometimes up to 50 cm in depth, have occurred frequently enough in metropolitan areas that this phenomenon has caught the attention of the National Weather Service (NWS), the general public, and social/digital media outlets.
(2013a) evaluated the accumulation of nutrients by jambu as a function of fertilization with manure and urea.
Next, insurers should identify cyber accumulations by product line, industry/business sector and various subsectors as the characteristics, scope and intensity of cyberrisks can vary from one area of dimensionality or accumulation zone to another.
The total P accumulations considering the sum of leaves, stem, capitulum and achenes were 0.867, 0.990, 1.113, 1.359, 1.851 and 2.878 g [plant.sup.-1] for the doses of 0, 8.5, 17, 34, 68 and 136 [m.sup.3] [ha.sup.-1], respectively, which were equivalent to extractions of 49.5, 55.7, 67.9, 92.5 and 143.9 kg [ha.sup.-1] of P.
Fish showed accumulation of Mn (1.730.96, 4.52.47 ug g-1), Zn (3.102.11, 23.829.77 ug g-1), Cu (3.181.50, 26.0813.81 ug g-1), Cd (0.171.88, 0.910.61 ug g-1) and Pb (0.251.77, 1.330.53 ug g-1) in muscle, and liver respectively.
Other states, such as Michigan, recognize the "open and obvious" doctrine as a complete defense to injuries sustained on snow or ice accumulations regardless of whether the accumulation is natural or artificial.
By contrast, shale accumulations in countries which are net importers and/or have few conventional supplies of their own look set to be developed much more quickly.
Metals accumulation in plants depends on various factors like its concentration in the soil, the plant species and special chemical forms of metals in soil solutions [10].
In rabbits of the 10 years old it was determined small accumulations of lymph nodules.