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Tracking accumulations on tangible perils such as earthquakes, for example, is enabled scientifically due to the dynamics of plate tectonics; in contrast, cyber has no underlying physics.
In fact, a property owner has no duty to remove snow or water tracked inside a building from natural accumulations of snow, water, or ice outside.
In return for the opportunity to benefit from any appreciation in underlying investments, the owner assumes the risk that his investments may decrease in value, thereby resulting in lower accumulation values or a lower monthly income.
Acacia Life (UNIFI Co) Flex-Account Ultra Death Benefit Sales; Accumulation Sales; Long-Term Values; Maximum Retirement Income; Living Benefits
The accumulation of materials within the collection and transport systems often can go unnoticed.
This immunization, they found, generated antibodies that prevented the accumulation of beta-amyloid within the mouse brain and even cleared existing amyloid deposits, known as plaques.
North Slope operators are devoting considerable amounts of scientific analyses toward locating, drilling and producing small to moderate amounts of oil from smaller isolated oil accumulations.
All money in tax-sheltered retirement funds is vulnerable to both income and estate taxes, plus penalties for excess accumulations.
A chart in the marketing brochure typically illustrates accumulations over periods of 10 to 30 years with the predictable result: The tax-deferred accumulation significantly exceeds the accumulation of the taxable investment, particularly over longer periods of time.